My first hand-painted yoga mat is now available in the shop!

I think most yoga mat designs are too bland and too boring. So I have decided to design my own. And here it is. I have painted the design by hand (with paint brushes and acrylics on canvas). Afterwards, the painting has been printed onto the mat.

yogamåtte Alien Remix.jpg

The yoga mat is now for sale! – for 699 DKK.
Specifications: Hand-painted deluxe yoga mat, 61 cm x 183 x 6mm.

You can order your own mat on my shopify page:

I use the mat myself two times a week for hot yoga. And after three months of this weekly routine, the mat still looks great – and smells like freshly cut cucumber and calendula. This is what it looks like in action:

The design on the mat is a print of one of my paintings called ‘Backgammon for Aliens’ (acrylic on canvas). See a picture of the original painting below.

The mat is printed in the UK by a company with this tag-line: “The best pvc mats you can buy in Europe. Made to meet the European standards from the latest environmental polymer resins. 6-P free, free of phthalate, AZO, DOP, Phenol and heavy metals – no nasties at all!”

Place your order by
1) emailing me at – (for the special intro price) or
2) order the mat on my shopify page:

Questions about delivery or anything else concerning the yoga mat or the painting are very welcome at

backgammon for aliens 1


Backgammon for Aliens

My new painting is done!

backgammon for aliens 1

The title is Backgammon for Aliens. Acrylic paint on canvas. 40×80 cm. Limited prints (signed) are available on

Here’s an ultra close-up:

backgammon for aliens ultracloseup

And here’s the entire piece:

backgammon for aliens fra siden

Painting with acrylics is like playing with food. It gets really messy. And starting out, I had no idea how to make the painting look the way I wanted – with all the tiny details. But I have learnt so much while working on it. First and foremost this: The tools you need for an impossible task will appear when you need them – if your inner vision is strong enough.

A work in progress (but very close to completion) shot:backgammon for aliens gulv

The painting has found its perfect spot on the wall, next to My Cosmic Happiness Generator (pen and pencil):

backgammon og my cosmic

My Cosmic Happiness Generator

My Cosmic Happiness Generator is done!


my cosmic happiness generator UDVIDET.PNG

This is 40 x 80 centimeters of cosmic pinball vibes, shaped like a yoga mat. Drawing symmetrically like this is in fact very much like yoga. Unbalances will reveal themselves. But patience yields results.

Signed, limited prints are available on

My Cosmic Happiness Generator – progress video

How things grow. 🌱 A stop-motion progress video of the lower part of my newest piece, this pinball machine of pencil precision practice. Three hours more, and the machine will be up and running.

Title: My Cosmic Happiness Generator.

Prints will be available on – in a couple of days.


The creation of Aztec Challenge

Here’s a work-in-progress video of my drawing of Aztec Challenge (84 hours of work, finished on February 6th, exactly a month ago):


Throwback Thursday: Early Experiments

christina tegning 11 år 2

I recently found a sketchbook in the basement filled with drawings that I did from when I was 8 ’til I was 12 years old. There were a lot of drawings inspired by “Havoc in Heaven” (the Chinese cartoon ‘The Monkey King’) and “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”, but there were also an entire series of drawings where I experiment with drawing tiny stuff as if seen through a microscope. They are all very colourful and psychedelic.

Here is one I did when I was 11:

christina tegning 11
Another classic from when I was 11 (I have ceremoniously given it the title “The World Seen Through the Glasses of the Wizard!”, written in purple filt pen next to the drawing, including the exclamation mark. This technique actually looks a lot like a part of a painting I’m working on at this very moment. (!) Food for thought.

tegning troldmandens briller 11 år

And another from when I was 11:
Tegning Christinamajcher 11 år

This one I did when I was 8:
christina tegning 8 år
And this one, when I was 12:christina tegning 12 år b

It’s fun for me to (re)discover that a lot of the things I experiment with in my drawings today are the same things that I was obsessing about as an 11-year old. I just used a different kind of drawing tools, and my technique has improved. But I am clearly EXACTLY the same person.

I talk about this (in Danish) in this interview by Artoteket: Mød kunstneren – Christina Majcher

christina tegning 11-12 år



Aztec Challenge – a self-portrait and a challenging journey

My newest piece is done! Here it is.

aztec challenge 1MB.jpeg

There’s a lot of travel adventures in this one – of looking at ancient Mexican pyramids and diving into deep and mysterious caves and finding the way out again. It’s also very much a self-portrait and a compilation of the events of 2017 – a difficult and colorful year.

The title of the drawing is Aztec Challenge, named after one of the first computer games I ever played – and old Commodore 64 favourite. I thought the name was just perfect for this piece in so many ways.

Limited prints are available here: Aztec Challenge on Shopify

Aztec Challenge. 56 x 71 cm. (White border 3 cm). Ink and pencil on paper. Limited edition print. Signed. This piece took 84 hours to complete and was completed in February 2018. Price for signed and limited print: 1900 dkk.

For framed version or other requests, get in touch directly at

“Der kommer nogle ting ud inde fra sjælen, som ikke kan auto-genereres af en algoritme”

the garden workingJeg udstiller nogle af mine værker på Artoteket på Nørrebro, og de har udgivet dette interview med mig, hvor jeg fortæller om, hvorfor jeg tegner, som jeg gør:

 “Bare én af mine tegninger kan snildt tage 85 timer at lave, og det er superspændende og også lidt skørt at bruge så lang tid på at tegne bare ét mega-detaljeret værk, når vi lever i en tid, hvor computergrafik kan generere kunstige skyer, bjergkæder og virkeligt flotte fraktaler på få sekunder. Men der opstår en helt særlig magi, når man gør tingene på den langsomme, møjsommelige og meditative måde, med hænderne. Så kan der komme nogle ting ud inde fra sjælen, som simpelthen ikke kan auto-genereres af en algoritme. Og det siger jeg med den største kærlighed til computere: Jeg anmelder computerspil og udforsker ny teknologi såsom virtual reality til daglig i kraft af mit job, så jeg er fuldt ud klar over, hvilke forførende universer, den digitale verden kan trylle frem.”

Læs hele interviewet her: Mød kunstneren – Christina Majcher



85 hours of blissful work is done: The Garden

My newest hand-drawn piece is done and can now be ordered as print.

the garden fb

The Garden. 61 x 84 cm. (White border 2,5 – 4 cm). Colored pencil and ink on paper. Limited edition print. Signed.

The Garden is my most time-consuming piece so far, but also my most joyful creation yet.

I drew the original as a birthday present for my mother, and it took me 85 hours to complete. The first 10 hours was hard work, with lots of doubt and resketching and planning and replanning… There is so much white paper in the beginning, so many choices and what ifs.

But then, things take shape and start growing by themselves, and the following 75 hours were just pure fun and bliss and carefree experimentation. And then, after 85 hours of deep diving, The Garden was done. Some parts of it were exactly as I planned, others completely different. Like life. Congrats, mum.

You can buy limited edition prints at my shopify page.

For framed version or other requests, get in touch directly at

the garden working

This is what the work process looked like about 7 hours before finishing The Garden.
Drawing with pen on white paper this late in the process is a thrilling experience. Mistakes are obviously not an option. 🙂

Why games journalism and travel journalism is the same thing


I have been working as a games journalist and a travel journalist in 15 years, and to me, it’s the same thing in so many ways. I visit a new and unknown area, I explore the landscapes and I write back about my findings and experiences. If I’m excited about where I have been, readers will probably feel like going, too. (And even if they don’t want to go themselves (or can’t), they will hopefully enjoy reading about my explorations anyway).

I have just spent most of the week at GamesCom in Cologne, and when I need a break from the noisy halls, I do what I always do: I go for very long walks, exploring areas of the city I haven’t seen yet. This brings me to some pretty remarkable places sometimes.

And one of the many, many things I love about this life as an explorer of both the digital and the physical worlds is that now, today, it will be difficult for most people to see if this picture is one I took with my iPhone while exploring Neuehrenfeld – or if it’s a screenshot from the new Fallout 5. I love that.

(But yeah. It’s from one of my walks. Arriving at Odonien in Neuehrenfeld).

robodonien 2

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