Jungle Feelings: Stuff that Glows in the Dark (remix)

I’m intensely attracted to stuff that glows in the dark. This is putting it mildly. When I see something sparkly or fluoresecent, I will immediately feel an urge to move towards it – and, if possible – dance below it (if it’s a main floor deco). Or in front of it (if it’s a backdrop). Or in the middle of it, if it’s a laser. Or just wear it, if it’s a t-shirt with an alien reflex on the front. Anything shiny and bright, anything neon.

Deep, fluorescent colours have a hypnotising effect on me. I gravitate towards them, like an insect. Yes, I know, it’s totally a trance thing. But it’s also completely jungle, since some of my best Glow in the Dark Moments of Complete Overwhelm have been smack bang in the middle of the giant, green laser at the London Astoria, while Darren Jay or Kenny Ken was mixing, back in the 90s. Oh, what a magnificent spot. Eyes were completely hypnotised, as well as the ears.

So I’m dedicating today, a day in the middle of one of the darkest weeks of the entire Scandinavian year, to Stuff That Glows in the Dark. Because this gives me the opportunity to squeeze some healthy colours like THESE into your eyes. And some fond memories into mine. This is the insanely hypnotizing glow-in-the-dark deco at the Dance Temple, the main floor of The Boom Festival in Portugal.

But we don’t have to stick to psytrance. This also gives me a COMPLETELY appropriate opportunity to, once more, squeeze in this darkside masterpiece with one of the most loved jungle samples of all time:

Felt that I was in this long dark tunnel with a very very bright light at the end so brilliant, it was more brilliant than the sun.

That’s what I mean. Glow-in-the-dark is built into the junglistic DNA. So here we go.

A bunch of ravers gather around a shiny object like night insects at the RAW After After Party in 2007. Thanks to jonask.dk for the pic.
klaver lys
As you can see, junglist are naturally attracted to any kind of light.
16. juni 06 CB 082
And light is naturally attracted to junglists. Especially that green laser light. This is DNBZone at Culture Box, 2006. Thanks to Miss Popo for the pic.
Ravers gather by the ocean to look at a very very bright shiny object in the distance at the Somewhere Festival in 2016.
2007-01-01 00.23.27
Ravers light their own little glittery hand-held fires that glow in the dark.
The Jungle Monster casually plays with fire at the Ohoi! party at Basement, June 2004. Props to jonask.dk for the pic.
Ravers dance below a glowing string of fire at the Tanzwüzte floor on Fusion, 2019.
Whohooo, shiny reflex adding some instant excitement to a dark dance floor. This is at the very first Public Service Festival (2004?) in Strandgade by Luftkastellet, with Trentemøller playing on stage and Ole’s clothing playing with your eyes.
2004-04-09 16.44.48
Chriszka the Time Traveller has found some interesting door-opening lights to play with at a bar in Shanghai. They actually open the door, that’s the trick.

Okay, that was clearly a “Sesam Sesam luk dig op!”-moment right there. For more door-opening magic and the scary horror tale of Aladdin and the 40 Thieves (my first favourite record ever), go to The DIY Test: Is Your Child a Junglist?

Asmus is suuuuper casual about his amazing glow-in-the-dark-raver-t-shirt at Zerrbild, Culture Box, 2007.
Ravers swim with objects that glow in the dark at Strøm Festival 2019. A SUPER awesome night for someone like me! The lasers! The water! The glow-in-the-dark play toys!
Press play for some laser movement. Glowing laser fun at Frederiksberg Svømmehal at the Strøm Festival 2019.
2010, november og december fra iPhone 258
Tim Driver curiously inspects Chriszka the Time Traveller’s amazing glow-in-the-dark time travelling portal device. This is after dinner and before jetting off to the Birthday Bash at Culture Box.
2010, november og december fra iPhone 261
Everybody loved that magic little thing. Glowing portals. So much fun, forever.
Chriszka the Time Traveller and Svingsen spot a super nice glowing object in the distance.
IMG_1211 skt hans 2005
Junglist cozy up around their own oldskool glow-in-the-dark creation, somewhere secret.
muffler lys
An insane glow worm attacks people at the Muffler party.
I’m just slowing down and having a tiny nap here, at the Silobash, but there it is, the MAGNIFICENT REFLEX ALIEN GLOWING IN THE DARK!
Back to psytrance! – because no-one is better at glow-in-the-dark-stuff than this crowd. This is the insanely awesome projection mapping on the tower next to the main floor at the Boom Festival 2022.
Watch the video I made of all the glow-in-the-dark animals playing at night time at Boom Festival 2022 here.
To the great pleasure of Chriszka the Time Traveller, Elisabeth goes completely psytrance after a concert in Tivoli.
Reflexes, the instant mood booster!
Mathias lights a tiny fire at Nemoland.
Raver silhouettes gather in front of a shiny object at the So Verbot party 2022.
SØS plays underground (and under lasers) at the Strøm Festival.
ALL kinds of light imaginable at Christiania’s birthday celebrations 2022.

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