Ravers are the Experts: Dancefloors Everywhere

Proper ravers make the best dance floors in the world, and everywhere: From tiny dance floors in livings rooms and secret dance floors in the forests to cosmic dance portals for tens of thousands of people like The Dance Temple at Boom or Turmbühne at Fusion.

Since I started raving, all other dance floors lost some of their attraction, because dance floors with junglists, psytrancers and techno heads on them are just more dedicated, more intense and tons more fun. And always more beautiful.

One of the most beautiful dance floors I have ever danced on: The Ozora main floor (2015). At night, the tree seemed to morph into a giant underwater octopus decorated by glittering jellyfish, but my iPhone camera couldn’t capture night images back then, so I can’t actually prove it.
Blue mushroomy jellyfish also floated at the edges of the So Verbot dance floor in Copenhagen, August 2022. Mathias feels inspired by the underwater theme and does a floaty tentacle dance move.
The magnificent Dance Temple at Boom 2022, at sunset. This place takes the dancing ritual very seriously and describes itself (the Dance Temple, that is) as the pulsating heart of the festival and a power source that transmutes the energy of the dancers and sends it up in the sky and into hyperspace.
Notice how the dancers at Boom bring their own colorfully tentacled jellyfish to the dance floor.
And this is what the Ozora dance floor looked like from the stage in 2015.
Junglist are a more urban species than psytrancers and just love to dance to the rumbling bass lines under busy motorway bridges. This is Bas Under Buen, July 2016.
This is what some dedicated dance floor moves looks like at Bas Under Buen 2019.
More urban grimey-ness. This is the multi-level dance floor inside the belly of the boat called Stubnitz. Quite a scary mainfloor filled with sharp corners, steel stairs and stumble hazards everywhere. But junglists can dance everywhere. Drop doesn’t look too pleased, though, and I must have felt a bit squeeeeezed, too, since I took the time to take this photo. This is Ohoi!’s 4th birthday celebrations, 2006.
To be honest, I don’t really enjoy dancing indoors anymore, event though that’s how raving started for me (it started with jungle in the 90s at The Paradise Club in London). For many years, now, I have preferred dancing out in the open, under the blue sky, at festivals like this. And during the day, even. Sleeping at night is awesome! (In this pic we are back at the Dance Temple at Boom 2022.)
Fortunately, at the right time of year, there are tons of outdoor parties to choose from, if you wish. Here’s a semi-secret one – in the morning at sunrise in Copenhagen.
And here’s a not so secret one by the water in Copenhagen. Bølgen 2022.
And here’s Chriszka and Helene above the dance floor at Bølgen, 2022.
Back in time! Here’s a Pirate Party Pack morning party dance floor ON A BOAT after the final party at Distortion, 2006. Good times.
Another classic transformed spot: The entire Dronning Louises Bro connecting Nørrebro to Central Copenhagen is shut down during the Distortion festival and turned into a dance floor.
Here’s a bunch of Danish ravers transforming a part of Fælledparken into a dance floor in 2008.
And this is the same park, but a slightly different location (I think) and definitely a different setup – two years later, at Elektronisk Karneval in Fælledparken, May 2010.
AMAZINGLY, I have videos of this! Remember not to turn the sound up too loud, this is caught with old equipment. Elektronisk Karneval in Fælledparken, May 2010.
Hey, let’s watch another rare video! This is the dance floor that erupted in the morning at the Promilleservice camp on July 6th, 2009 – Roskilde Festival.
But don’t forget the tiny dance floors, too. This is Chriszka and Nufie dancing in the living room of Svingsen’s Jungle Hut after Jungle Bells 2007.
Let’s jump slightly forward in time to 2008. Who remembers when Turmbühne at Fusion looked like THIS?! I really liked that centre piece flower. There’s a trippy joyfulness about it that was slowly replaced by more dark and industrial deco in the following years.
This is what the flower petals looked like from on the Turmbühne dancefloor.
And THIS is what Turmbühne at Fusion looks like in more recent years (this is 2016). Yup, it all grew a bit in size. And then – maybe – comes a year where you start to miss ‘the way it was’, and that’s when you move on to new festivals or take a small break and come back with revived enthusiasm.
Back to the tiny dance floors! Chriszka inaugurates a miniscule dance floor for maximum two people after moving into a new home.
And here’s a spontaneous dance floor that happened when two aliens popped up and started playing not far from the lake at the Boom festival 2022.
Aaaaah, dancing outside surrounded by nice people at pleasant summer temperatures. This is the daytime dance floor at So Verbot, one of the highlights of 2022 in Copenhagen.
Chriszka and Svingen dance in the hallway of the Jungle Hut before a Coma party.
Morten Kamper creates a spontaneous Depeche Mode dance floor in a café flooded with daylight.
The natural beauty of the outdoor dance floor (one of three) – by the ocean at the Somewhere Festival 2016.
The hippie-esque beauty of the afternoon ravers on the dance floor by the ocean at the Somewhere Festival 2016. This was the ONLY truly warm weekend of that summer, as far as I remember. Quite a weird year, sun-wise.
Chriszka wears a psytrance pattern to a jungle rave at the Culture Box dance floor.
And to conclude this tour of different dance floors: Enjoy the awkwardness of the soundless Silent Disco dance floor at Roskilde 2010!

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