How to be a Raver: Food of the Gods

Some people think that ravers don’t eat, but this is obviously one of many misconceptions about the rave scene. It goes without saying that to dance for eight hours straight, you need proper fuel for the body.

Here are some ravers in the early stages of preparing a cooked protein-rich meal in camp at the very vegetarian festival Fusion. 2009.
And here are four experienced ravers after eating something that others prepared for them at Sulu’s birthday bash in Kødbyen, 2022. (Sorry – one out of four is still eating). 😉
And here’s what they had, approximately. Thanks for the buffet, Chef Mami!
Here’s Kristian, testing the spirituality of the veggie food stalls at Boom, 2012.
And here are two enlightened beings, testing the food stalls at Elektronisk Karneval in Fælledparken.
A watermelon has been introduced to ‘the table’ at a Danish/Swedish combo camp of experienced-ravers-from-the-90s at Fusion, 2007.
Two happily smiling junglists are very excited about their newly served breakfast in Mexico, while an android named Drop with weirdly blue laser eyes, but seemingly friendly, has joined the table.
Svingsen and Jakob eats Chriszka’s signature dish at the time (something with apples, salmon and balsamico), before heading to Nadsat for the unforgettable birthday bash, December 2005.
Smokey eats straight from the bag at Fusion, 2009, while Healthy and Spiritual Kristian goes for rugbrød and questions her food choices with a discreet but disapproving look.

After a series of unlikely coincidences, an international crew of junglists and psytrancers meet up for dinner at the beach on Holbox, Mexico. 2022.

The entire Hifly crew met up to eat at the legendary Hifly Pigfest – 2010.
JKamata explains about his home-built cooking machine at the Hifly Pigfest – 2010.
Someone brought an apple to his resting spot at Fusion. Check out the home-made water bottle pillow.
Someone ate the apple, the fruit of knowledge, at Somewhere 2016. Bonus points: Spot the white tiger.
A meal I will never forget. When I woke up in camp on my seventh Fusion, the year 2014, I was immediately served a Bloody Mary including a celery stick. That’s when I knew I was blessed to be in the camp-de-luxe of all camps. As I sat down in a chair with my drink, I quickly realized that Alex was actually preparing lobster. A short cooking break of about 20 minutes followed, because Alex needed garlic butter and went on a mission in neighbouring camps to procure it. He succeeded, somehow, and continued with his cooking. I am still super duper impressed and have to tell someone this story about once a year. The most exquisite and surprising meal I have ever had at Fusion. 10 stars.
Yes, food makes ravers happy. Nufound TRULY enjoys the salt sticks at Chriszka’s vernissage at Kapau, 2022. This vernissage turned into a tiny afternoon junglist party on the sidewalk afterwards.
Jeppe worships the deity of the pig at the Hifly Pigfest 2010.
Chriszka eats popcorn elegantly at Stella Polaris.
Junglists eats Mexican ice cream with lots of interesting flavors after a cosmic day at the pyramid.
Rowdy lights op the grill at Fusion 2016. I’m happy to know people that are camp builders like this. They cook, they bring lamps, they bring music and decorations and extra blankets and power banks and ice cubes and fresh juice. At Fusion, I spend so much time on the dancefloors that I rarely actually hang out in camps, but when I do, being surrounded by hygge is really, really nice.
Chriszka explores the crispy flavors of Peyote Land. A re-visit to Playa del Carmen, 2022.
Widell eats a champagnebrus like a boss, many years ago.
Someone brought a banana to the Pumpui stage at Ozora 2015. Aaaah, the miraculous banana. Truly a dance floor fruit for the stamina ravers.
Visiting German ravers eat food by the (harbor) water in Copenhagen before going to a rave by the (sea) water (after missing out on the first party at Hangaren because of a massive turn-up).
JKamata is preparing food for the masses yet again at a very underground location. Ohoi!’s 6th birthday, July 2008.
Normal Drop, pre-android-ization, gets ready for streetfood in Mexico after a pretty wiiiiild day of travels.
Chriszka and The Twins are very happy with their ecological Noma burgers at POPL, Copenhagen 2021.

Very important recommendation:
If you want more photos of ravers enjoying food (and sacrificing to the gods), go to Blasts from the Past: Ohoi! turns 6 – an extremely juicy selection of pics (and pigs).

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