Articles – on tech, games & music

Articles on tech
– Testing the newest virtual reality tech – Jyllands-Posten: Reality is not always enough
– Digital tourism – Climb the roof-tops of Paris with your PS4: See Paris from your PS4
– This computer game improves your eye sight: Nyt computerspil skal forbedre dit syn
– On Matrix ideas in the mass production of food – Bør man fjerne burhøns’ hjerner?
– What makes a game addictive? – This is the world’s most dangerous game
– Surviving a zombie attack – Hvor længe vil du overleve, når zombierne kommer?
– Testing new sports gear – The new Jabra headset reads your pulse through your ear

Game articles
– What’s up with Pokémon Go: Sensationally popular pocket monsters
– The typical gamer is a grown-up woman: Den typiske computerspiller er en voksen kvinde
– Are you in love with a game character? – on pixel crushes in Berlingske: Your dream guy is digital
– 40 million users in four weeks: The deepest game ever is now on facebook
– Can a zombie teach you to play the guitar? From Rocksmith to Rockstar
– Best Nordic game – Denmark won: Nordens bedste spil er dansk
– The 10 best computer games of 2012: Årets 10 bedste computerspil
How (and why) Thor became a woman

Selection of columns
– How facebook has changed the party scene (in a good way): Løven, Heksen og Fællesskabet
– How facebook has changed the party scene (in … well… another way): I byen med facebook
– “Who cares about money? We pay for fun!” Impressions from Sensation: Finanskrisen skal festes væk
– Why Rihanna’s voice is such a good alarm clock: Monstret fra Magstræde
– How mobiles have changed our nights out: Vennerne i lommen
– The secret behind everything (and how to get a good night out – always): Kunsten at tænke positivt
– The nightlifte Tetris game – finding the secret places: Der er altid plads til én til
– Why Danes love Distortion so much: Da festen røg gennem taget

Selection of music reviews
– Moderat at Roskilde Festival: Tak for det sidste sug i maven
– MØ at Roskilde Festival: “Jeg er totalt fuldstændigt rørstrømsk!”
– Trentemøller in Store Vega: Er Trentemøller den elektroniske musiks Jimi Hendrix?
– Addison Groove and Icicle at RAW: “Forpustet og gennemkogt og blød som en smuttet mandel
– Haxan Cloak at Cisternerne: Det er mørkt, koldt, vådt og farligt.
– Mike Sheridan at Strøm: Femstjernet start på Strøm
– Mogwai at Roskilde Festival: Mild og melankolsk hypnose
– Chase and Status at Roskilde: Der bør opfindes en ny genre: circle pit pop
– Music reviews in Gaffa: Follow this link

Selection of articles on music and city life
– Portrait of three very different dj’s – on AOK: Stjerne-dj’en, hiphop-dj’en og røvballe-dj’en
– The most important nightclubs in Berlin – on De vigtigste natklubber i Berlin
– Why we love cocktails so much: Cocktails og drømme
– The massive growth of Copenhagen street parties – on AOK: Vi er verdensmestre i gadefester
– How to create a nightlife success – on AOK: Her er opskriften på en succes i nattelivet
– Interview with Andy C: “Jeg forstår ikke de dj’s, der bliver blaserte”
– The rise of the startender: Fra bartender til startender
– Music as motivation – my first spinning class ever: Velkommen til Sweat Club
– Being playful with electric boogie in Tivoli: Gud ja, Pjerrot mangler hovedet
– Dj’s – the new rock stars. Interview with Morten Breum: Vi er de nye rockstjerner
– The rise of Danish reggae: Robin Hood i reggae-skoven
– On Simon & Simon: Her er klubtosserne, der åbner restaurant med Casper Christensen
– On colourful twists on the classic in Tivoli: Gud ja, Pjerrot mangler hovedet

Game reviews
– Something is very wrong on Dead Island – in Berlingske: Blod, sved og plasticbryster
– Catherine in Berlingske: Love is a nightmare
– Limbo in Berlingske: Mesterligt dansk gådespil til xbox
– The Tiny Bang Story in Berlingske: Tepotter og tingfinderi
– My first Kinect game ever: Michael Jackson and me
– The Book of Unwritten Tales: Do elves dream of electric sheep?
– Diablo III:  Fanget på kødkrogen
– The Sea Will Claim Everything: En rutchetur for hjernen
– Alice – Madness Returns: Alice in Horrorland
– Pigs in Trees: Danske svin på himmelfart

– Botanicula in Berlingske: Sådan bliver man barn igen
– L. A. Noire in Berlingske: A dark game for grown-ups

– Keyboard Sports in If you love your keyboard like I do…
– Hunting zombies in the second oldest amusement park in the world
– Land’s End: This VR game is a cosmic experience
– Inside: The new Danish game from Playdead is a nightmarish masterpiece
– SelfieTennis: The PC is the LSD of the 90s
– Firewatch: The magnificent sunsets of Firewatch
– Far Cry Primal: Survival and sightseeing in the Stone Age
The 5 mobile games I enjoyed the most in 2014
– Cloud Chamber: Cloud Chamber is released on Steam today
– Mad Max – Fury Road: When a violent car game is more moving than the movie
– Axe in Face 2: Best Nordic Game of 2011 is back with a follow-up
– 6 stars to Uncharted 4: The hottest game character in the world
– Prune: Cultivate what matters. Cut away the rest
– Blades of Brim: Will this game hypnotize 700 million fans all over again?
– Smash Hit: Breaking glass has never felt so good
Why is 10000000 so extremely addictive?
– Zombie Outbreak Simulator: How long will you survive when the zombies arrive?

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