Blasts from the Past: The Well Dressed Raver

Dressing for the dance floor is not an easy task. You need to be comfortable, flexible AND possibly in for the (very) long haul at the same time. But you also need to entertain your fellow ravers. Elements of joy, sensuality and surprise are welcome.

We all have different strategies. Let’s have a look.

Let’s start at the very top. This is Ulle, dressing to please his fellow ravers at Turmbühne, Fusion 2007. Notice that this is a WHITE suit on the fourth day of the festival. This is what people want and need to see. This is perfection. 10 out of 10.
Super perfect (and timeless) raver outfit at Elektronisk Karneval 2010. I’m talking about the one in the middle, in case you’re wondering. Flexibility with layers (if the party lasts for 48 hours or more, temperatures WILL rise and fall, and this is preparation) . Belt bag provides free arms for psytrancey happiness movements. A clash of colors so that your fellow ravers are entertained. Definitely 8 out of 10.
Claus is properly dressed in a sailor’s outfit at the party by the harbour water. Lækker Lytter, June 2006.
Noone wears Adidas like Mariii. ❤ This is Chriszka’s moving-in-and-thank-you-for-helping-dinner.
Stefani wears a Badalamenti Tribute Top 3 months and 8 days before Badalamenti’s actual death, which is a remarkable and very witchy thing to do.
Chriszka wears a Badalamenti Tribute Skirt 4 years, 7 months and 15 days before Badalamenti’s death AND travels to other dimensions, which is also a very witchy thing to do.
Tøndering dresses like an exquisite corpse drawing game at Turmbühne, 2010. Perfect ‘Spot Me on the Dancefloor’ strategy.
Jonas wears a futuristic safety jacket from the future to a party at Nadsat.
Here’s the best dressed man at the Øen ved Siden Af party at Distortion 2022. This is the Easy to Spot on the Dancefloor strategy, again.
A very late Friday night at Roskilde Festival, and Laura brightens up the table with this mood booster of a top. 2006!
To be prepared for anything – trance floors, time travel, techno, talkshows, television, tapas – I just always wear a colourful AND comfortable dress. This dress, for instance, has been absolutely everywhere. This is the Boiler Room boat event in Copenhagen, 2014.
Lulu wears a golden dress to the sunrise floor at RAW 2009. Djuna runs the ship in a captain’s jacket.
Some pieces of clothing gets iconic just by being used a lot. Who remembers Bateman wearing this? This is the Club Awards at Vega, 2006.
Miss Popo is ALMOST dressed – in a bikini that matches the main floor deco which is a perfect raver move. Turmbühne at Fusion 2008.
Sometimes being perfectly dressed is being prepared for rainy mayhem. This is the wettest Fusion ever, 2011. (To the left: Evil Economist dressed up as a hippie, out of necessity.)
Casparados turns up impeccably dressed for New Year’s 2005.
Andreas in one of his many excellent looks for hot days at the Henry’s Dream festival 2013.
Chaca strikes the balance with this morning party outfit: Colourful jacket and giant sun shield. Pirate Party Pack 2006.
Fred Alert is effortlessly well-dressed in a yellow shirt on a summer’s day at Hangaren.
Sven Dohse in his classic Sven Dohse outfit at Turmbühne 2008.
But he’s not the only one to wear a tie to Turmbühne! This is 2007, a great year.
A tie AND a dress. Two properly dressed people meeting at Henry’s Dream 2014.
The best skirt I saw at Boom 2022. A perfect “Find Me on the Dancefloor” strategy.
Bezz wears a sunshine’y Spot Me on the Dancefloor masterpiece at So Verbot 2022.
Sofus wears a bowler hat at the excellent Rotundum Reunion party 2022.
Sims wears a white suit impeccably in 2004.
Ginda wears a beautifully colored dress on a summer’s day at Fusion, 2008.
Here’s the ‘Spot Me on the Dancefloor’ strategy, Extreme Version, by Textor. Fusion 2012.
Perfect head dress by Mariii at a beach party, Copenhagen 2009.
Two summer’y girly looks at the Somewhere Festival 2016.
And there I was, dancing away at the Township Rebellion party, where Lampé was playing absolutely excellently, and it WAS very hot, and then the music stopped and I turned around and realized that NOONE was dressed anymore!

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