Solving the yoga mysteries, slowly

The yoga mysteries:

How some poses take days to improve, and others take YEARS.

The gomukhasana clasp: I wanted to be able to do it. I started practising, focused. Got there FAST. So satisfying.

The wide-legged forward bend: One should think this was super basic. I mean, how long can it take before I see improvement, at least? Years, apparently. Years. I still feel like a beginner in this pose. A beginner that has just run a marathon.

Luckily, I have done so much yoga by now that I no longer feel annoyed by this apparent lack of progress. More …intrigued.

I’m definitely not a patient person in all areas of life. I like things that move swiftly. I like progress and results. But people looking at my artwork will consider me to be e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y patient. And yoga has definitely taught me new levels of this skill.

And that’s one of the many reasons I have found it so meaningful to print my paintings onto the yoga mats. They remind me that things take time and that all the work will grow into a big pattern, eventually. They are also very entertaining to look at while practising, which is great for people with lively brain activity. 😉

The print on this yoga mat is an acrylic painting I made after a (very yoga-filled) journey to Bali. Inspired by the fractal-like rice fields, the sound-healing pyramids, the temples, the surfboards and the electric sunsets. It’s my own favourite mat (currently) and it motivates me daily.

Get your own! Have a closer look at

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