How to be a Junglist: Camouflage

Any self-respecting junglist knows the importance of camouflage. And no, this is not just about wearing camo pants on the dance floor. It’s the life-saving ability to immediately and skillfully blend into your surroundings, like a ninja.


The artist formerly known as Tom Collins quickly hides at the reopening of Jolene.


Chriszka the Time Traveller hides behind a moustache.

dressup bowl

Svingsen tries to hide in a glass bowl.

pandemonium army deco everywhere

As you can see, some of the proper oldskool jungle parties in Copenhagen tried to hide THE ENTIRE DANCEFLOOR in good ol’ army deco. This is Pandemonium at Huset, 1997.

pandemonium army deco nis

Ole hides in the army net deco, while Nis just gets on with things behind the decks. He has seen his share of army net deco action, it doesn’t scare him anymore.

pandemonium army deco jens

“HELP! The army net deco is growing like a fungus! We have an Invasion of the Body Snatchers situation on stage! Save us, please!” Lækker Lytter Crew doesn’t seem to take the cries for help all too seriously. The rave scene can be a dark place.


Chriszka the Time Traveller tries to hide in a casserole.

December 2005 - Nytårsaften 133

The Jungle Monster hides behind something shiny and glittering, like the devil.

frederiksberg casper decks

Casparados almost disappears behind the decks at a private party on Frederiksberg.

2006-04-29 14.24.46

Chriszka the Time Traveller hides in a kiss at the Coma party in 2006.


Porskjær the Super-Secret Junglist cleverly hides behind some of Chriszka’s old furniture.


Laura almost hides behind a pillow.


The artist formerly known as Tom Collins hides behind a magic disc.

operaen hat whistle

Michael Rudkjøbing hides under a candyraver hat on stage at Operaen, Jungle Fever IV, January 1995. Whistle crew is ready.


stella IMG_1492

Chriszka and Svingsen hides under a hail-repelling piece of super cloth at Stella Polaris. NEVER GIVE UP.

Thanks to Mariiii the Jungle Monster for the Pandemonium pics. By the way, we all know from Milton’s Paradise Lost that Pandemonium is the capital of Hell, the place where all the demons live. Coincidence? CLEARLY NOT.

For more army net deco vibes and some very early dance floor pics from the Jungle Fever IV party in 1995, go here: Super Rare Photos: Blasts from the Past.

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