Ravers are the Experts: Party Animals

Ravers are friendly people and it goes without saying that no-one loves animals (and aliens) with more intensity than us.

Obviously all junglists love lions and other predators (and all creatures from the jungle).

True psytrancers only rave in nature, in close contact with all the species of this planet (and other realms).

And who doesn’t feel the instant mood boost when listening to Trentemøller’s Killer Kat?

But I know you want photo proofs, so let’s dive into our animal instincts and have a look at all the Party Animals:

Dancefloors with sound systems built to make your entire human body vibrate are not optimal places to bring your favorite dogs and cats (or other pets) with sensitive hearing. But you can bring your inflatable friends instead. Here’s a proper grown-up squeezed tight by his friendly inflatable giraffe and also wearing a shamanic flute in case more spirit animals have to be summoned. Trancefloor at Fusion, a place of much fun, 2013.
Here’s animal lover and animal protector Joel Rowdy, bringing a tiger to the dance floor at Fusion. Turmbühne.
Hjeppe Mann simply wears cats at the Somewhere Festival 2017.
This guy always wears an elephant – at Roskilde, July 2010.
Copenhageners enjoy the sun underneath the flamingos at Kaj Din Ven I Solen, June 2021. This is hopefully a hint to Lewis Carroll’s ‘Through the Looking-Glass’.
In the newest incarnation of the Tanzwüzte stage at Fusion, which has a shipwreck vibe to it (including actual shipwrecks and a stranded yellow submarine) the crowd dances beneath circling pirate birds. You can spot three of them above the crowd here, behind someone’s ‘find-me-on-the-dancefloor-flag.
At Boom 2012, everyone at the Dance Temple danced beneath the feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl. According to the Mayans, Quetzalcoatl would return around 2012 and mark the beginning of the era of The Sixth Sun, a sun of darkness. This time, followed by the long reign of The Fifth Sun (a sun of light, dominated by the masculine and science) will be characterized by the rise of the feminine and of irrationalism, reality gaining a dreamlike quality. Have you started feeling it yet, people? (The Aztecs were very frightened by the coming of the Sixth Sun and started sacrificing children to avoid it or maybe ease themselves into it).
Here’s a proper look at one of the heads of the feathered serpent, before the dancing crowds arrived.
Someone ALWAYS brings a unicorn to the dance floor. This is the Distortion Final Party, 2022.
Someone brought crocodiles and elephants to the rooftop party in Kødbyen of Copenhagen, August 2010.
This captain guy brought an octopus to Fusion. 2019.

This just reminded me how much dubsteppers love deep sea monsters. Reread my text about the Kraken release party (happened around March 2007) here: Gigantisk dybhavsmonster indtager Stengade.

More glittery animals: Dancing beneath a unicorn at So Verbot, Copenhagen 2022.
Chriszka embodies Anubis with the jackal head, the ancient Egyptian god of the dead.
A monkey and a pink elephant show up at the Trancefloor on Fusion, 2013.
A mouse arrives at Dollars’ Campingvogn Party, August 2007.
Chriszka has turned into an icebear and is hugging Rosa (Rouladegade) Gjerulff (who did a show on Nørrebro Theatre called ‘Rosa in the Rhythm Forest’ which is a very raver title) – and the other ice bear Karen. This was a great day at work!
This is me, acting like a sad ice bear in the dressing room of Nørrebro Theatre. FUN WORK DAY!
Relaxing on a unicorn by Bachstelzen at Fusion.
Sofus the Shape-shifter embodies the spirit of the dead pig at the Hifly Pigfest, July 2010.
Chriszka embodies the spirit of the cat, many years ago.
Many years later, Chriszka recovers from the flu beneath her jungle cat Tybalt, lover of (and destroyer of) plants.
Since we are already talking about Tybalt, and since this post is about our love for animals, I think everyone should know that my hyper-intelligent jungle cat has learned to play fetch. Here’s proof.
A dear bunch of colorful raver musicians throw an energetic concert in front of the giant deer, watching quietly, created by Hackstage.
A butterfly thinks Chriszka’s raving shoes are phenomenal and must be flowers at Fusion, 2007.
Someone brought a bird to their head party on Roskilde Festival 2010.
Lützen plays with a dog. Islands Brygge, July 2010.
Chriszka brings her jungle t-shirt to the Chinese lion at the Forbidden City, 2004.
Someone wears actual wings (or has grown actual wings, who knows) at the Bachstelzen stage, Fusion.
A zebra overlooks the Øen Ved Siden Af stage at Distortion, 2022. For extra points: Spot the dragon.
Rowdy wears a friendly dragon hat in the middle of a sandwich hug at the Trancefloor on Fusion.

Chriszka is having a great time inside one of these rabbit costumes, exploring the world through new eyes. For more info on what was actually going on, read the article: https://www.berlingske.dk/kultur/se-koebenhavn-som-kanin

If you feel overwhelmed by your love for animals now, both the furry ones and the inflatable ones, here’s an idea: Join this event on Saturday the 10th, arranged by Joel Rowdy, protector of animals (and featured twice in the above collection with both tigers and dragons): Demonstration for the Ukranian Animals.

Thousands of dogs and cats are not having the time of their lives during the current situation in Ukraine but are left to their own devices in the streets with no food and no shelter. Rowdy has traveled to Ukraine to deliver donations and help out and has seen the situation with his own eyes.

Animal Rescue Ukraine will go back to Ukraine on December 22nd and help out some more, which is a very christmassy thing to do, and this is your chance to help out: The demonstration in Copenhagen is on Saturday 10th from 10-14 at Storkespringvandet, and there will be balloons.

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