Blasts from the Past: The Dressed Up Junglists

Yes, it’s dark again, and JUngLEkalenderen stubbornly continues its mission to liven up these long December evenings a bit. It’s Entertainment for the Eyes time!

Welcome to the magnificent Dressed Up Junglists Special! Lots of rarities inside.


Dollar$ properly blinged up at the legendary Hifly Pigfest, 2010.


Best pic of Svingsen EVER. Or is it really Svingsen? New Year’s Eve 2007 – at Kristobal and Cristina’s crib.

2010, november og december fra iPhone 298

Tim Driver is dressed up in techno reflex gear at the Yulefrokost thing in 2010 while clawing in the presents.

dressup doctor and water

Alright, time for some RARITIES! This is a private party at Svingsen’s and Stine’s in 1998. Someone dressed up as Chriszka the Time Traveller and Thomas the Doctor.


Thomas the Doctor checks if all that time travelling has done any damage.


Best outfit of THAT party, hands down. Svingsen turned black and befriended a pirate.


Stine turned black, too, and befriended a caveman. 1998 vibes!


Then Black Svingsen meets a heavy metal rockstar (light poodle version) from the 80s. Things heat up. Time travelling portals appear everywhere. Noone knows where anyone went from here.

2013 IMG_7977

Chriszka the Time Traveller quite possibly went to Fusion and danced the day away with Santa Claus on Turmbühne. This is 2013, or so we think.

juli 2010

Or maybe she went to the Hifly Pigfest where Feltman has dressed up nicely in bowler hat and suspenders.


Lewis poses for a Hawaii selfie – Nadsat 2009.

2004-10-18 16.07.00

Mariiii the Jungle Monster has skillfully dressed up as a mind-boggling half’n’half creature who can totally date her/himself.

2005-01-01 13.32.53

Chriszka the Time Traveller has dressed up as a devil.

2013 IMG_8852

Ominous yellow mask looking at things at the Henry’s Dream festival 2013.

2011 IMG_0140

Fusionists dressed up as Fusionists at the Seebühne, Fusion Festival 2011. ❤

December 2005 - Nytårsaften 171

Look at Casparados all dressed up on New Year’s Eve 2005! Whohooo. Oh, what a night that was.

2013 IMG_8008

Here’s a junglist&trancer-rolled-into-one dressed up for FUN at the trancefloor! Fusion 2013. I want to go back.


This is what happens inside Mediebyen at the Roskilde Festival all the time, in case you wondered. Crazy monkeys on the loose.


Chriszka the Time Traveller, Svingsen and Greif begin to feel ready to leave for the Coma Party here. This is 2012.


But first, the physical junglistic warm-up. Svingsen and Chriszka the Time Traveller do some surfing in the hallway before departure for Coma.

2013 IMG_8019

Is this real? A pink moment up front at the trancefloor on Fusion, 2013.

2006-07-23 01.39.39

Tim Driver dresses up in a plastic bag after the Jungle Monster’s garden party in 2006. Unless what you see here is the actual murder. OMG!

Bloody intermezzo: Check the possible evidence of foul play in the sad and troubling collection of The Lost Junglists.

2013 IMG_8004

Blondes having more fun at the Fusion Festival 2013. ❤


Chriszka the Time Traveller skillfully blends with the deco at the S.U.N. Festival in Hungary, 2013. Junglists are good with camouflage, remember?

2013 IMG_7958

Playful dancers doing the opposite of blending in at the Fusion Festival 2013.


Nico Defrost has dressed up like a proper junglist – at Elektronisk Karneval 2008.

Boom F

Chriszka the Time Traveller has dressed up as a steampunk trancer ready for the night at the Boom Festival 2012.

white gloves

White gloves galore in the living room! Private party at the Jungle Hut, 1998.

2007, december - Prag - Inges billeder 117

No Tricks Dressup: Chriszka the Time Traveller skillfully camouflages her head with a junglistic backbend. Prague, 2007.


Waaaaaay before silly inventions like Google Glass, JKamata brought his very own futuristic gear to the dancefloor, like a techno ninja. What do they do? We will never tell.

You’ve seen the Dressed Up Junglists and the Lost Junglists. But do you remember all The Secret Junglists?

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