How to be a Raver: The Sunglasses Special – part II

Days couldn’t be much darker than they are RIGHT NOW here in Scandinavia, and we need to add our own lights to the situation, so let’s enjoy another round of pics from brighter days in the rave-o-sphere.

Chriszka lets her inner hippie shine through at Roskilde Festival.
Experienced ravers enjoy the sunny days for grown-ups at Kaj Din Ven I Solen. Notice how Karsten Loud, the host of the party, packs a lot of raver skills into this shot: 1) Two drinks in one hand 2) Optimistic hand sign and 3) Wearing the original LOUD t-shirt. The only LOUD.
Binge wears sunglasses without wearing sunglasses in a perfect casual way at Fusion 2007.
Dollars wears something much more fun than sunglasses at the Hifly Pigfest 2010.
Wearing superlarge sunglasses on a grey day at the Fusion Festival adds a mysterious movie star vibe to your being.
Wearing sunglasses inside adds the perfect rockstar vibes to your look.
Wearing sunglasses at night AND a gold top adds a rockstar vibe to the entire event. This is Elektronisk Karneval in Fælledparken, just after dusk.
Feltman wears the light summer party look and a dark drink at the Culture Box Day Party at Fælledparken. This is July 2008.
Mikado is wearing aaaaall the cool-down gear at Kaj Din Ven I Solen. Yup, you thought that was earphones, obviously, but it’s a wind-in-your-face mechanism.
René (probably) enjoys the moment behind mirrored sunglasses at Turmbühne. A hot and sunny day at Fusion, 2008.
Mikkas wearing classics at Elektronisk Karneval 2008.
When relaxing by the ocean with a bunch of other hippies at the Somewhere Festival, definitely wear pink shades.
Zimmermann goes for the early 70s look at Roskilde Festival 2010.
Most excellent sunglasses vibe in this dance floor shot at Elektronisk Karneval in Fælledparken, May 2010.
Le wears sunglasses AND swimming goggles to the RAW party 2006.
Jkamata has traveled from a dark future back to Stella Polaris 2007 to deliver a troubling message.
With a noteworthy attention to detail, Tøndering has made sure that his glasses matches his shirt that matches the trailer that matches the brand of his drink. Casually fractalizing the universe at Roskilde Festival 2010.
Hjeppe Mann – wearing optimistic yellow shades – shares all his secrets about a modern life without a smartphone at the Tanzwütze stage, Fusion 2019.
Santa Claus wears sunglasses at Turmbühne 2013. (This turned out to be the most exhausting costume to wear ever, by the way. At a festival packed with unicorns, pink elephants, fairies and hundreds of other mythical creatures, Santa Claus just appealed to absolutely EVERYONE. Do you need human contact? Do you want hundreds and hundreds of strangers to talk to you with great enthusiasm, all day? Get yourself a Fusion ticket and jump into a Santa Claus suit. You will not walk alone.)
Probably the coolest pic in this selection. Red-mirrored sunglasses adds a perfect vibe to this Turmbühne shot: Kind of menacing and also action-movie-like but fun at the same time.
Oddly similar body postures but very different sunglasses. Walking between music stages at Somewhere Festival 2016.
Neo hides his friendly face behind a pair of supervillain glasses, dark as black ice. An otherwise happy moment at Distortion 2022.
Speaking of supervillain-y sunglasses: Behind Friendly Sommer and Friendly Daniel, check out David’s glasses: Pitch-black portals to a dark, alternate universe.
Svingsen steals Lewis’ sunglasses at Roskilde 2006.
Let’s end this on a sweet, summer-y note: Ginda wears discreetly glittery glasses to the dance floor at So Verbot.

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