Ravers Are the Experts: Big Smiles and Extreme Happiness

This has to end with an explosion of emotion, every year.

Enjoy this collection of feel-good snapshots of moments in the past (and the very recent past) where you were all clearly TRULY happy.

This is a big moment for Chriszka – and for JUngLEkalenderen. This is the birthday where I got my first digital camera, small and handy enough to bring to the dancefloors. Proper cameras in phones were still some years into the future so this was as tiny and futuristic as it got. Look at my happiness and joy. JUngLEkalenderen would have been a lot less fun without this little piece of equipment.
A group hug couldn’t be happier than this. Such complexity, such warmth. Elektronisk Picnic 2010.
I have posted this snapshot before, but it’s just so perfect. In this moment, Hjeppe Mann has everything. Water, coconut water, a fan for fresh air, a sunset, a ja-hat, a platform to dance on, the Atmos opening set at Boom 2022.
This was one of the very first days after lockdown lifted in Copenhagen, and Chriszka and Sune are truly happy to hang out at a pretty packed party in Byhaven.
Look at the intense happiness of Sulu in this summer-y hug. This need up in a long Simon & Garfunkel session. JOY!
Extreme triple happiness and a red heart in the morning hours just after the ending of a party, many years ago.
Sofus laughs at his shamanic insights at the Somewhere Festival.
Thomas truly enjoys this splendid summer’s day at the magnificent So Verbot party at Tunnelfabrikken. Copenhagen, August 2022.
Textor truly enjoys this pool moment at Løgtenborg Slotskur 2013.
Dollars looks frighteningly happy at the sunrise floor at RAW 2009.
Rau enjoys himself on the dancefloor in the early evening sun at the Øen Ved Siden Af party at Distortion 2022.
Ah, the intense joy when everything just clicks into place at the Turmbühne stage. Such an amazing feeling. Fusion 2007.
The happiness on this face is the happiness of Sulu getting his food at the Hifly Pigfest 2010.
JSL looks extremely happy about the party situation at an Ohoi! party, 2004. Pic by jonask.dk
Deep double happiness from PZ and Tim Driver, generated by the Hifly Pigfest 2010.

Intermezzo: Read some of Tim Driver’s insights about rave culture right here: My first big raver experience.

Alex beems with internal happiness at the Dyssen party 2010.
Enjoy the look of extreme happiness on Ulle’s face at Stella Polaris 2010.
Christina Britz has clearly been drinking directly from the well of happiness at Roskilde Festival 2006.
Asger truly enjoys the moment on New Year’s Eve at The Jungle Hut.

Intermezzo: Enjoy some more pics from THAT night here: How to be a Junglist: Camouflage

Classic Turmbühne happiness moment at Fusion 2009.
Svingsen and Chriszka feel squeezed by China but are still happy. Shanghai 2004.
Lewis enjoys the moment at the Club Awards in Vega 2006.
Chriszka looks very happy and somehow also very rich on a boat in the Copenhagen harbor. This adventure had Asen at the wheel.
Niels enjoys the happiness of the warm hug.
Binge beams with blond joy at Elektronisk Karneval 2008.
Iboga happiness at the Alchemy Circle at Boom 2022.
Fred Alert tries to hide a smile at Orientkaj Din Ven i Solen 2022.
Another moment of pure joy in front of the right speakers at Turmbühne, Fusion 2007.
Very big smiles at Roskilde Festival 2007. A slightly muddy year, but we clearly don’t give a toss. The happiness beams from all the photos.
Vibs is beaming with Fusion Joy at the Tanzwieze stage (the year with the cosy ‘stuelampe’ deco). This is 2013.
A moment of dancefloor happiness erupts at Orientkaj Din Ven I Solen.

Want more?
In 2015, JUngLEkalenderen finished with Jungle Feelings: The Love, Hugs and Kisses Extravaganza

The third season finale was a very long list of junglists celebrating their birthday on the 24th (of some month), climaxing with Mugge, the predator, and all his darkside fish: The 24th Surprise

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