How to be a Raver: Nectar of the Gods

To everyone out there who enjoyed How to be a Raver: Food of the Gods – here’s the drinking version.

Featuring mystical garden potions, synchronous drinking tricks, bottle magic on the dancefloors, electric boogie coffee, Ohoi! rum, people pouring bubbles like experts, and a little bit of schnapps and glögg.

Nufound should be employed by Heineken for this pic – check out the magical effects of their beer at the Seba party at Culture Box, 2006.
And Chriszka and PZ should really be on the payroll of Tuborg for this one. The sunrise floor at RAW 2006 when it was still at Islands Brygge. Pic by jonask.
Oldskool junglists drink their magic potion at Mariii’s Garden Party. July 2006.
Svingsen and Vitus enjoy their schnapps – 2006. The only proper way: Synchronously.
Chriszka and Svingsen drink their summer beers synchronously in Mediebyen at Roskilde Festival.
Svingsen and Asen drinks synchronously at the Depeche Mode party at Culture Box 2007.
Chriszka teaches everyone at her ‘YOU HAVE GREAT FRIENDS’ party to drink synchronously.
Mika impresses everyone including Elisabeth with a perfect dance move while holding a drink at the Burn party 2006.
Sofus and Jkamata dance with their beers at the Distortion Final Party 2007.
Getting ready to drink the entire bottle of bubbles on a hot day at Fusion, 2010.
Svingsen and Ida pose with a beer at Lurendrejeren 2022.
Al Lindrum enjoys a magical red potion at Chriszka’s vernissage party at H22. 2019.
Chriszka drinks to survive after climbing for hours on the Great Wall of China, April 2004. One should think that being a junglist, I would handle a challenge like that elegantly and with ease, but I must admit that I suffered during those climbs. Hard work, that wall!
Sherm digs deep in his plastic bag for drinks. Elektronisk Karneval 2010!
Drinking bubbles at Chriszka’s birthday dinner, 2021.
Two oldskool junglists get ready to sip the bubbles at Chriszka’s vernissage at H22. May 2019. In the background you see my Drawing Aztec Challenge which I made after a super-interesting trip to Mexico. It was later turned into a flyer for Nufound’s jungle party.
This is proof that people actually drink while raving at Turmbühne. Playful ravers have spent the morning at Fusion building creative pattern sculptures out of empty bottles after the raving on the main stages stop.
Steen Koerner prepares a magical electric boogie coffee in his kitchen.
Adam drinks with style at a great party on Refshaleøen. January 2019.
Kim pours the bubbles for Mikkel and Anders at Chriszka’s Vernissage at H22. May 2019.
Three members of the Coincidental International Meet-up of Experienced Ravers celebrate the arrival of their drinks at the best restaurant on the paradise island off Holbox.
2xChr and Thomas enjoy The Glögg at Chriszka’s Birthday Bash – many years ago.
But not THAT many years ago, because this is the same flat, but some years earlier. Important intermezzo: I FOUND A PHOTO OF THE DIMENSIONS POSTER!!! HERE IT IS!
Wilcks is FORCED to drink rum at Ohoi!s 6 Year Birthday Bash on a very secret underground location.
Svingsen and Chriszka drink like masters in Shanghai 2004.
Zimmermann enjoys a quiet drink at the bar at Elektronisk Karneval 2010.
2000F gets ready to drink bubbles at RAW 2006. Pic på
Chriszka and Muad’Dib drink sophisticated microbrewery beers like proper firstmovers, many years before this became a thing that everyone did. Just look at our first mover faces.
Mariii and Chriszka enjoys fruit cocktails at Roskilde Festival 2008. Later this evening: Spleen United on Arena.
Sofia waits for the magic potion to work at Mariii’s garden party.
A Junglist enjoys a sunny beer in Mediebyen at Roskilde Festival.

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