Jungle Feelings: The Weird Faces Special – Extended Mix

Ravers are effortlessly good-looking because of their glowing I-have-danced-all-day-in-the-sun skin, their beaming eyes and their positive attitude towards life.

But not in a vain way.

Vanity (or pride, if you want) is one of the 7 deadly sins, as anyone who has seen David Fincher’s “Se7en” from 1995 might remember. Or read Dante’s The Divine Comedy for more gory details on the deepest level of Purgatory. 

So: Vanity = deadly sin. Ravers know this. Why do you think there are no mirrors in Berghain? And does anyone spend time checking their appearance at the Fusion Festival? OF COURSE NOT. Everyone’s too busy enjoying themselves.

Let’s celebrate this un-vanity with a Weird Faces Special – Extended Mix.

Tøndering remembers something very important and maybe unpleasant at the ØVSA Stage, (off)-Distortion 2022.
Phono also remembers something unpleasant and maybe outright disturbing, but 12 YEARS EARLIER – at Elektronisk Karneval 2010.
Wilcks slows down and lands in an extremely weird face situation at Elektronisk Karneval 2010.
Chriszka and Sofus are distracting you with their big raver smiles in the centre of this pic. (Distortion Final Party 2022!) But look closer. The weird face magic is in the crowd. Big ups to Thomas for this dance floor masterpiece!


Picture 148

Maximum big-ups to the Ohoi! crew, deliverers of lots and lots of Weird Faces moments. This is Tim Driver, pulling an anniversary face at Ohoi!’s 2 year birthday celebration.


No, Sofus the Amazing Shapeshifter is not just a pretty face. He can be totally not vain if he wants to. This is at the opening of Docken in 2007, followed by the Distortion Final Party.

Picture 110

Jens pulls a weird face in a twisted Titanic moment at Ohoi!’s 2 year birthday celebration on a boat.

IMG_1914 dnbzone19nov05

Vitus, a Master of Discreetly Weird Faces When Cameras Are Out pulls another one at DNBZone on Nadsat, 2005.

Picture 132

A truly magic moment starring PZ on the dancefloor. Yes, we’re back at Ohoi!’s 2 year’s birthday party on the boat. Guest stars: Dollar$, Lau and Chriszka the Time Traveller.

2006-06-04 06.11.09

Muad’Dib and Bateman pull a double ‘too much confetti’ face at the Distortion Final Party (well, afterparty) 2006. Yes, on a boat again. What a maritime raver kingdom we are.

Picture 128

Enough sun and confetti. Let’s go below deck again. 2000F pulls a mean pirate face behind the decks at Ohoi!s 2 year birthday bash.

IMG_1921 19nov05

Three very weird faces, but Svingsen wins.


Mike Sheridan flashes a magic rubber face at the opening of Docken (which was followed by the Distortion Final Party) – 2007.

Picture 138

Lewis introduces a truly weird face on the dancefloor in the belly of a boat.


Lori pulls a threatening face on the dancefloor at Nadsat. Nothing disturbs the peaceful zen bubble of Advocatorex here, though. We’re at the Crystallizer party at Nadsat, 2006.


It will take you a moment to process just how much Weird Face is represented in this picture. Thanks to Laura for the pic. Caught at Nadsat.

December 2005 - Nytårsaften 098

Pure mastery by Vitus and Asger.


Okay, maybe this face wins. This is Culture Box’ 3-year’s birthday celebration 2008.

Larry makes a Weird Face Masterpiece at Elektronisk Karneval 2010.
Yup, I know you have seen a picture of these two fellas just minutes ago (depending on how fast you scroll), but this time around, the (truly) weird face is not theirs, but in the crowd.
Steampunk glasses plus weird face plus sad face at Fusion. 2019.

For more Ohoi!, bass face providers, jump back to the 4 year celebration on Stubnitz: Blasts from the Past: Ohoi! turns 4.

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