Turn your mousepad into a cyberdelic portal

Why settle for something boring and black when you can access the internet with your VERY OWN HAND-PAINTED PSYCHEDELIC PORTAL?! – made by me?

This is a mini version of my WipeOut painting, cut into a circle and printed onto a mousepad to make your daily trips into cyperspace a but more sci-fi and a lot more artistic.

Remember: “The PC is the LSD of the 90s”, Timothy Leary said (in the 90s). Let’s use it for exploration, not distraction.

The painting on the mousepad is inspired by light machine experiences, psytrance and rave visuals, playing WipEout in virtual reality and the amazing power of our brains.

(Hot tip: If you acquire mouse arm syndrom through all the clickety-click on the www, get yourself a yoga mat to fix it! I can provide.) 😉

Link to the mousepad upgrade: Circular mousepad: WipeOut

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