Ravers are the Experts: Slowing Down in Fast Lives

I’m sure you have all noticed that things seem to have sped up immensely in our universe. Just as you have gotten used to one change, a new one is mixed into the field. Interesting times.

Obviously, proper ravers have been training for these conditions for their entire existence, since we prefer our lives to run at 140 beats per minute and beyond anyways…

…but surprisingly to some, we are experts in slowing down, too.

And here’s the thing: The only way to thrive under these new conditions of the cosmos is to slow down. And if you don’t figure out how to slow down your life on your own, the universe will do it for you. And that can be a bit unpleasant.

So let’s avoid that: Take the wheel and slow down everything on purpose. Yup, I know it’s difficult, and I still practice it on the daily.

To help you out, I have gathered some photographic inspiration from all over the rave-o-sphere: Here’s a sweet selection of ravers slowing down in the middle of everything like proper experts. Enjoy it! (slowly).

Chriszka and Tim slow down happily on the floor in the Jungle Hut storage room after Jungle Bells 2007.
CRS slows down completely in the middle of our Grooverider campaign fiest, even though he is actually wearing one of his Freddy Krueger tops and thus shouldn’t go to sleep at all, really, if he wants to survive…. (This is after Jungle Bells at Culture Box, December 2007. Nis was dj’ing, and apparently that party was SO INCREDIBLY GOOD that 30 people decided to party on in Svingsen’s Jungle Hut at Adelgade. And that’s when the Free Grooverider stuff happened…).

Tiny fun fact: We spent a lot of hours at Culture Box back then. The day BEFORE Jungle Bells, I was at Culture Box, too, dancing to Matthew Dear. In my diary notes, I have written ‘Flotteste dj ever‘, hahaha).
Kristobal slows down after New Year’s Eve festivities in 2007. What a year.
Sommer, David and Hans slow down handsomely in the afternoon sun at Slotskuren 2013.
Alex feels his brain slowing down at Roskilde Festival and attaches himself to Thomas’ leg, like a plant, to not get lost. Just in case.
Polle slows down a bit in the middle of another party that no-one wanted to leave (post-Jeff Mills at Culture Box – May 2006).
Someone slows down next to Sulu backstage at the Kraken Party at Stengade (October 2007).
Tom Collins chills out completely in the middle of Stella Polaris (which is actually what the organizers love to see. Well done, Collins). This is August 2007. WHAT A YEAR.
Stine slows down a lot next to Chriszka and Vagn at RAW 2006.
Ronin slows down between the tents at Fusion 2010. Obviously things got lively later on.
Mathias slows down in the sunset at the ØVSA stage – Distortion 2022.

Laura suddenly slows down immensely next to Carsten Jensen and MHM1. Stella Polaris 2007. Bonus info: Carsten COULD have been taking a photo of sleepy Tom Collins (check the Tom Collins photo again to see what I mean).
Chriszka slows down in a forward fold on her ‘Island of the Gods’ yoga mat.
Christian slows himself down with a happy smirk and a cold beer next to Turmbühne at Fusion, 2011.
Svingsen and Niels slow down in beautiful synchronicity at the table. There’s a pretty good chance we are listening to some awesome music, by the way.
Kresten and Paulina slow down in camp at Fusion 2012.
Junglists slow down chaotically on the floor after a fun-filled moving day.
Ronin slows down on the shoulder of Lewis at the Raw After After Party of August 2007. (WHAT A YEAR!)

Right, so that was proof that ravers are, in fact, experts at slowing down, even in fast-paced situations. Always look at what proper ravers are doing if you find the times we live in confusing and troubling. Ravers are always doing the right thing. We all wish more people knew this.


Do you want to slow down some more? Here’s a genuine recommendation: Get yourself a yoga mat and get started!

Those dancing muscles shaped by endless techno fun need to get stretched. And your sitting-down-in-front-of-a-computer-screen-all-day-because-of-work-muscles need stretching EVEN MORE!

If you, like me, want to be visually entertained (and motivated!) while doing yoga, check out my hand-painted yoga mats right here and choose your favorite (maybe even for Christmas): Which one of my hand-painted yoga mats is perfect for you?

And no, I haven’t painted directly on the mats. My paintings (acrylics on canvas) are printed onto the mats by mat-printing experts. The one I’m practicing my backbend on is ‘Island of the Gods’ which I made specifically for hot yoga. The hotter it gets, the better it is. Like a junglist.

All the paintings (and all the yoga mats) are right here.



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