How to be a Junglist: Body Language

You’ve seen the hand signs, you’ve seen the head nods, you’ve seen the hugging. There’s a whole lot of body language going on in the junglist territories.

Obviously, it’s a clever choice of communication when the music is loud or you’re just out of breath from dancing. Hand signs and over-enthusiastic jumping is the only way the dj can actually clock that you heard the mix and really like that new release from Ram Records. But it’s also a quick escape from the uncomfort of the Blitz Moment. Throw a quick hand sign, and you’re safe again.

Let’s dive back into the physical world and have a look at the grimaces, the waves and the poses in the Body Language Special.


Chriszka the Time Traveller does a “having a good time” pose at the Byens Bedste Awardshow 2007.

2006-07-22 18.19.57

Svingsen performs a masterly double handsign at the garden party of the Jungle Monster.

handsigns sonar 2007 mari

Liquid, despite hanging out with two red-eyed jungle monster maniacs after sundown at Sonar and thus clearly being in imminent danger, strikes an “everything is cool at the beach” pose.

dnbzone 2006 caspar breakfast 2 marie

Casparados explains something important to Breakfast on the dance floor of Culture Box.


Chriszka the Time Traveller performs one of her versions of the Over-Enthusiastic Pose.

What you see performed here, right in front of the dj-decks, is the massive-appreciation-of-the-sound move. We’re moving slightly into religious boyd language territory here, but that’s how it is with trance. Rare pick of fluorescent backdrops in Nadsat, caught by

2006-10-28 01.16.01

Chriszka the Time Traveller does a See Ya Later-pose at the Burn Party, 2006.

pandemonium chopper

Chopper stops and poses for the blitz at the Pandemonium party in Huset. Scan from the 90s, courtesy of Mariiii.


Beach party pose by Chriszka the Time Traveller and Mariiiii – at the beach, 2009.


The Catastrophic Pose, performed by Svingsen and Lewis, at Roskilde Festival 2010.


Rockstars exchanging hand signs in Chriszka the Time Traveller’s kitchen.

img114 frederiksberg disco

The All Set and Ready to Go dj-pose at the jungle hut before kickoff of a Private Party People session. Vinyls! Disco ball! Rare scan from the 90s!


The Tired Junglists pose. Very rare. Big up the Junglists Movers Crew!


Dominik strikes a pretends-to-be-thinking-pose next to a tousle-haired Tom Collins while dj Lab does some kind of Superman move in the shadows. I have no idea about what’s up with the The Ring-style hair weirdness in front. This is RAW, 2009.

2006-07-23 03.04.57

Massively awesome pretends-to-be-thinking pose by Svingsen.

2006-07-02 12.14.11

You know these hand-signs well by now. And the junglistic sun-cap. Roskilde Festival, 2006.

statens museum for kunst IMG_3564

Awesome vinyl pose by Tue Track at Statens Museum for Kunst.

2006-08-06 18.59.16

The I’m-too-lazy-to-use-a-glass pose performed by Feltman, Stella Polaris style 2006.


Ten points for this extreme spazz out, Bateman.


Chriszka the Time Traveller has another go at the Over-Enthusiastic pose.


Blitzed. Hand signs are thrown at the reopening of Jolene, Kødbyen 2008.

myspace morgen

Extreme duckface pose by Chriszka the Time Traveller and jonask. Morning style.


Chriszka the Time Traveller and Elisabeth pose properly at the Byens Bedste Awardshow, 2007.


A colourful mixed signals pose at Jolene 2008.

2005-10-09 00.06.20

Svingsen and Asen do a double beer pose at the Depeche Mode party at Culture Box 2005.

2004-04-05 21.17.20

It comes in many shapes and levels of difficulty. Here’s a beautiful double beer pose performed by Svingsen and Chriszka the Time Traveller in Shanghai, 2004. Ten points.

2006-01-14 23.28.06

Local variants: The Snaps Pose. ‘Tis the season!


And on that note: The even rarer Gløgg Pose performed by 2xChr and Thomas at Chriszka’s Birthday Bash.

I don’t think we could end this on a more christmassy note today, so enough of the posing and onwards with the pouring of wine and other christmassy countdown things.

Oh, but hold on: Did you miss yesterday’s post of fabulous costumes? Check out Blasts from the Past: The Dressed Up Junglists.

More body language, but in print? Have a look at the magnificent How to be a Junglist: The T-shirt Special II.

Did you skip a day of JUngLE? Go here for the complete collection of #JUngLEkalenderen, both past and present.


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