How to be a Raver: The Mad Hatters

For obvious playful reasons, you will find ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Through the Looking-Glass’ references all over the rave-o-sphere, if you know what to look for.

At Fusion, there is an actual tea party table somewhere semi-hidden amongst the trees, not super far from Seebühne.

Here it is, the tea party table, getting sprinkled with water on a hot day in 2018.
And here are the signs not showing us were to find it.

Apart from the Hatter himself, no-one wears hats like ravers.

This is the day where I prove it. Let’s dive in!

Kresten wears a floppy mad-hatter-y style hat and gets a hug for it at Turmbühne, 2010.
Chriszka wears a psychedelic hippie hat in London, dreaming of the future.
Michael has cleverly decided to wear a warm and comfy knitted hat at Somewhere 2017.
Martinez wears a stylish but elegantly feathered hat splendidly – and about 10 full years before this exact style started to get super trendy at the outdoor slow-tech Berlin clubs and subsequently at Garbicz Festival and similar hotspots. This is the Distortion Final Party 2007.
Tøndering wears an aggressively stylish pirate hat at Turmbühne in 2012.
Rune RK keeps cool and wears a knitted hat on the super sweaty and enthusiastic dance floor at Operaen, 1994.
Mariii proudly wears one of those pumps you use to inflate your air mattress. Razor-sharp camping style at Fusion, 2009!
Someone wears the most TOTALLY AMAZING BOAT HAT at the Somewhere Festival 2016. LOOK AT IT! This is like the extravagant and absurd French hair styles of the super-rich of the 1700s. Chriszka the Time-Traveller absolutely loves this.
Jaco is wearing a hat while not wearing a hat, cleverly, like Kraka. Chilling for a bit in the camp between dance floor visits at Fusion, 2009.
Soft hat meets hard hat at the S.U.N. Festival main floor, 2013.
Svingsen wears a basket hat in one inspired moment on one of many New Year’s Eves.
Kim Kemi has decided to wear an inflatable cake hat at the Daniel Dreier party at Nadsat, 2008.
Wearing a floppy mad-hatter’y hat AND a splash gun from outer space to the Trancefloor at Fusion is totally the way to go. 10 points. Fusion, 2013.
The classic hat PLUS hoodie look at Turmbühne. Fusion 2009.
Hjeppe Mann wears the cosmic JA-HAT like noone else. Just owning the main floor at Boom, 2022, during Atmos’ opening set (exactly two hours in).
Alhad wears an aviator hat from WW2 to the Tanzwiese floor at Fusion.
Thomas decides to not wear a hat but to visit other cultural expressions at Fusion 2010.
Chriszka wears her absolute favorite festival hat ever at Fusion 2007. Bought in China, used a lot and now lost forever and never replaced. So sad. I loved that hat. Somehow the only hat that was ever big enough for my head and all the hair – and completely perfect on hot days, too. Every single hat since has been slightly too small or slightly too warm. Bohoooo.
And here I am again, happily wearing it at Turmbühne, Fusion 2009. Was THIS when I lost it?! On the way home?! When?! Soooo sad.
Here I am, TRYING to wear another hat at Fusion 2010.
Feltman wears a BOWLER HAT at the Hifly Pigfest 2010.
Adam wears a hat AND a drum on the day where we all said goodbye and good onwards journeys to Mika. An emotional and important ritual. January 2022.
Lasse feels powerful and strong wearing his straw hat in Mediebyen at Roskilde 2010.
Dalge also feels strong wearing his straw hat at Orange Scene at Roskilde 2010. The amount of pictures I have of Dalge having conversations on dance floors is pretty remarkable, by the way. I have a feeling we will have to return to this phenomenon later on.
Paulina wears the classic slow-tech raver hat (now copied by endless amounts of Garbicz/Bachstelzen visitors) at Løgtenborg Slot Sommerkur – juli 2013. In my diary, I described this garden party as the, and I quote: ‘vildeste havefest ever’. It was spectacular, for sure.
One place to effortlessly wear a crown is under your hippie umbrella by the Turmbühne stage at Fusion.

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