The 7 best things about being a raver

You think ravers are hedonistic nitwits, stuck in the 90s and refusing to grow up? Oh no no no, that’s all wrong. Ravers a superhumans, optimized for the demands of modern life and the difficult tasks of the future.

Here are the 7 best things about being a raver:


We go to parties that look like this. All. The. Time. (This is the mainfloor of the magnificent Ozora Festival in Hungary, august 2015. Maaaaan, that was good).

pandemonium mugge

(Okay, fair enough. Sometimes we go to parties that look like this, too: DIY set-ups in temporary spots with no lights and nothing but a home-made army net deco up front. (Caught in the glaring blitz you see Mugge, obeying the bass (or the voices inside his Adidas Raver Hat) at Pandemonium, Huset, april 1997.))


But INSIDE MUGGE’s HEAD (an inside the head of any junglist caught in the mix) THINGS LOOK LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME. No matter how humble and colourless the surroundings are.

Let’s move on to best thing number 2:


Your burning passion for the music isn’t just an inconvenient hobby that forever barricades you from ‘normal’ life. It endows you with the amazing Endless Enthusiasm Superpower which is super duper useful in all aspects of life, because Endless Enthusiasm is the fuel for any real progression and the superfuel you need to solve an impossible task. (Thanks to Miss Popo for the pic).


Endless Enthusiasm Mega Bonus: The Endless Enthusiasm Superpower makes you immune to the mind-numbing zombification qualities of mainstream media – including television, of course – and the lousy hit songs that are bought by millions and top the charts. You are simply too busy enjoying your own subcultural treasures to give a flying toss.

On to best thing number 3:


You never ever EVER give up! It doesn’t matter if it’s raining cats and dogs, YOU ARE STAYING AT STELLA POLARIS! THIS PARTY IS NOT OVER! This skill is obviously closely connected with the Endless Enthusiasm Superpower.


Rain, you say? It doesn’t matter if it starts HAILING, either. WE ARE STILL STAYING AT STELLA POLARIS! (Yes, it was hailing. In August, WTF).








Ravers always find a solution. There are many ways to cosy up.

Speaking of cosing up, let’s move on to best thing number 4:


As a raver, you’re just surrounded by looooove. There’s a LOT  of hugging going on. The only force in the universe as powerful as the Endless Enthusiasm Superpower is the power of the Magic Raver Hug. Thanks to Vitus for the enchanted pic. For some Endless Enthusiasm, spot Nufie.

If you need some more reminders of the magic released from the endless amounts of raver hugs and kisses, I recommend you check out Jungle Feelings: The Love and Kisses Special and Jungle Feelings: The Group Hug Special.

Now on to the best thing number 5:


STAMINA. No physical challenge is too much for a real junglist. This comes from x amounts of hours in the jungle gymnasium, dancing into the dawn and way past all reasonable physical limits because the set is just so amazing and it’s your DUTY to dance to it and express it, because otherwise the magic will be lost, somehow. Above: Three ravers showing The Great Wall of China who’s boss, April 2004.

But then, when you at some point just have to give up anyway, noone really minds if you just give up in the middle of everything. Raver style. Thanks to for this amazing Stella Polaris pic from 2006. Post-RAW, if anyone’s wondering.

Best thing number 6:


You’ve got your PRIORITIES right. You’ve just moved into a new home….


…and none of the furniture is in place yet…

tunred again

…but you make sure that your brother gets the tiny stereo working STRAIGHT AWAY…

solorave turned

….so that you can JUST START RAVING in front of the speakers, ALL ALONE. Boxes? What boxes? Listen to that tune!

IMG_2801flyttedag 2006

…and if someone wants to join your solo rave, THAT’S JUST GREAT!

Best thing number 7:

you rave

Your friend can write YOU RAVE instead of YOU ROCK on your totally amazing personalized birthday cake.

you rave 2

…and that just makes you really, really happy. Including the singing.

And now you know.

Big thanks to Svingsen for the birthday cake (including pics) and to Mariii for the Pandemonium snapshot(s). I will get back to those later on!

Did you miss the unwrapping of the big present yesterday? Go here for Present Time: All Jungle.

Click here for the complete collection of #JUngLEkalenderen, both past and present.

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