Blasts from the Past: The Babyface Special – Extended Mix

It’s time to have some time travelling fun. Let’s rejoice in the fountain of youth that true junglism bestows upon us and dive right into the ultimate BABYFACE SPECIAL!

So where does this eternal youthful glow come from? Witchery? Dark magic? Chriszkas’s Time Machine? No. It comes from high bpm’s, high pulse and never leaving the dancefloor until the very end.

A true classic, soooooo rare. The babyface group hug! Warming up for Just Jungle at Eigens Ballroom (I had actually forgotten that we had jungle parties at Eigens). Check out someone’s teenage room style furniture. This was way before digital cameras entered our lives.
The babyface version of Pfeffermouse shows up behind Daniel Dreier at Nadsat. Dreier is very babyfaced, too, but with a confusing moustache.
My most babyfaced jungle pic. We’re just about to jump into 1995 at the The Harder They Come rave at Stonebridge Park Complex, London. Footnote: That’s the only rave I’ve ever been to where the music was so loud you could feel your ear drums moving, and not pleasantly. Troubling volumes.
Babyface Tim, very early in his long raver career, in the bus on his way to Mayday.
The most babyfaced picture of dj Nis that I have. This is in the kitchen where Nis – many years later – started playing about with a new fountain of youth: veganism.
Innocent Emok looks babyfaced at Elektronisk Karneval in Fælledparken.
Blitzed babyfacin’ in front of Jolene, Kødbyen. This is at the reopening.
Okay, extreme babyface DJ (who in no way looks old enough to spin records or even be at a party) in front of two grown-ups.
Rune RK, 2000F and Dr. Disk do some extreme baby facing in this gem of a picture scan. We’re at Jungle Fever IV, January 1995, Operaen, Christiania.
Chriszka the Time Traveller babyfacin’ and Adidas’in, junglist style.
Children smoking cigarettes.
Massive babyface doll stare from Svingsen. Private party from when her Jungle Hut was at Frederiksberg.
Advokatorex’ best babyface pose. At the Raw After After After party, August 2007.
Tøndering tries to hide his babyface behind hat and glasses.
Svingsen wins this babyface trilogy battle. Old scan, private party.
Okay, maybe Kristobal wins the entire babyface competition right here. At Stengade. Photo by Vitus.
Young Babyface Smokey enjoys some daytime partying with a breezer at Turmbühne 2009.
Mariiiii puts on a babyface to fool the world after her sneaky jungle monster exorcism.
Babyfaces and aliens (and me taking a short nap) at the Silo party at Islands Brygge.
World famous dj and producer Axl Rise does a real baby face while toying with sound effects.
Babyfacin’ at the Public Service festival at Strandgade by Luftkastellet. Possibly 2004.
Teenage Babyface Chriszka seems to eat corn directly from the can in camp at Roskilde Festival. I probably thought this was super practical and a massive win. My festival eating habits have become immensely more sophisticated since then, but so has the selection of food (!) at the festival. When I think of Roskilde Festival these days, I primarily think of eating, LOL. (Buuuut I haven’t forgotten that magic year where they had an actual techno tent and booked an entire evening of jungle. Still kind of weird to think about that. So oddly detached from what followed in later years, like it never happened.).
A babyface arrival by Casparados – at a private party at the Jungle Hut.

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