Current painting I’m working on: The Phoenix

This acrylic painting is inspired by the Boom Festival in Portugal and other events of 2022; events of heat, transformation, travel and mind expansion. Its work title is ‘The Phoenix and the Toad’. It has taken me 87 hours of work so far and it’s teaching me new lessons every time I get in front of the canvas. 

I have never made a painting that has required this many sketches. I have to sketch and sketch and sketch again before putting actual paint on the canvas, trying out new ideas constantly. And even though this painting, at its current stage, looks a lot like my very first original pencil sketches (although a lot more colourful, obviously, since the first sketch was made with a grey pencil), the painting keeps surprising me, taking me in new and unexpected directions, still.

I expect to work on the piece for at least another 20 hours or so before it’s done. Deep and interesting process, for sure.

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