How to be a Raver: Hands in the Air

Showing your deep appreciation for the music, for the mixing, for life, for the universe, for everything! – is a massive part of being a proper raver.

Enjoy this selection of images (including a rare movie!) depicting people truly enjoying the moment with the reckless abandon of the open-hearted body:

Hands in the air, receiving the energies of the cosmos.

A truly awesome hands in the air moment at the sunrise session at RAW, 2009. Someone feels blessed to be alive.
Whohooo, I actually FILMED for a few moments (60 seconds!) at this sunrise session at RAW 2009. Djuna Barnes and Jean von Baden on stage, lots of group hugging and hands in the air moments, nice and tired faces (spot yourselves) and entertaining morning vibes everywhere. Watch this and feel happy! (You might wanna turn down the volume a bit before watching: This is filmed with old pocket-sized technology and the sound is not enjoyable. But the images are, haha). ❤
Frede enjoys the sun and the vibes at Kaj Din Ven I Solen, 2022.
Binge imitates the dancing emoji (many years before it was invented) at Tanzwiese, Fusion 2010. A dance floor conversation about the awesomeness of Fusion followed. I was still in the honeymoon phase with Fusion at this point (it was my third time, and I still considered everything to be absolutely perfect), while Binge had been going since before it was called Fusion and thought it had grown too big).
Daniel San magically pops out of a laptop with a hand in the air, like a jack-in-the-box. Docken, 2007.
Drop does something awesome and endless enthusiasm is expressed with hands in the air AND a flag (?) at the Rolodex party, DNBZone, Culture Box, 2006.
Alex extends an arm into the air at Turmbühne as a farewell gesture before disappearing completely from the Fusion dancefloors, forever, bohooo.
Psytrancers appreciate the water splashed onto them from a fire truck at the Ozora Festival, 2015.
One Critical Choice arm appreciates the moment while playing at the Ozora Festival, 2015.
Happy arms up front while slow dancing at the So Verbot all-dayer (and all-nighter), 2022.
Happy hands in the air at the Rolodex party, Culture Box 2006.
Happy psytrancers rejoice under the trippy flowers at Fusion, 2014.
It’s pretty hard work to dance with your hands in the air a lot, but dancing with your hands in the air INCLUDING umbrellas is an accomplishment. Surush joins Meinhardt, Sacki & Defrost (and Steen Koerner) and dance on stage at the Christiania Birthday party 2022.
Chriszka is very happy about the sunrise.
A classic hands-in-the-air dance floor moment at Tanzwütze, Fusion 2014.
…(but no-one does the hands-in-the-air moves better than psytrancers and junglists). This is psytrancers (and my favorite photo from the dance floor at S.U.N.), in Hungary 2015.
Kresten appreciates the music at Elektronisk Karneval.
Casper appreciates the music at the Dyssen party – 2007.
Two weird hands-in-the-air in the crowd on a lovely summer’s day at Turmbühne, 2010.
Oldskool junglists download the cosmic energies at Chichen Itza and the temple of Kukulkan – one of the New Seven Wonders of the world.
Tina-Marie enjoys the sound waves at Elektronisk Karneval 2010.
Chriszka disturbs everyone with her enthusiastic hand in the air at RAW 2007.
Someone has clearly just won something in pakkeleg at a Yulefrokost many years ago.
Chaca extends one arm full of stars to the sky on a hot day, appreciating the universe at Fusion 2010.
Peter appreciates the moment at RAW 2007.
Music appreciation at Tanzwiese, Fusion 2010.
A truly classic hands in the air moment while everyone appreciates dj Hype at Stengade, shot by Vitus.
Hands in the air from the crowd at the Meinhardt, Sacki & Defrost concert at Christiania, 2022.
Chriszka enjoys the moment fully at her birthday bash at Nadsat.
Kim Kemi and Daniel San enjoys the music (while playing music) at Nadsat.
Sofus truly enjoys the music at Elektronisk Karneval.
Another classic hands-in-the-air-moment by darkside junglists Chriszka and Nufound.

Hey, seriously, if you think it’s hard work to extend your hands in the air, have a look at my yoga mats and see if they can inspire you to do some daily tree poses and backbends. You will happy that you did: Chriszka’s artwork page.

For more body language and music appreciation, revisit How to be a Junglist: The Dancefloor Moves.

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