chriszka and the oculus riftHello, I’m Christina! I am a writer, an artist (go here for my artworks and collaborations), a games journalist, a music critic and a fearless explorer of the future.

I have been writing about computer games, electronic music, subcultural trends and what-happens-next for more than 20 years. I am fiercely passionate about quality in both music and games (and writing!) and limitlessly enthusiastic when I find it. You can read my words in Weekendavisen (primarily), Berlingske, Jyllands-Posten, Magasinet Psykologi and Gaffa, amongst others.

Recently: Wearing virtual reality headsets a lot and learning interesting stuff about AI. Currently: Painting a lot. And translating my thesis on psychedelic festivals into English.

Previously: Editor in Chief at the monthly magazine Citadel. Nightlife and theatre editor at AOK. Games editor at Nat&Dag. Studies: Comparative Literature and Film & Media (BA) and and MA in Modern Culture at The University of Copenhagen. Did my final thesis on psychedelic festivals as modern rites. Catch me on twitter.com/chriszka or christina@majcher.dk.

Blog posts are in English and Danish. If you see a Danish text that you would like to read in English, let me know.

Passioneret spil- og musikjournalist og frygtløs udforsker af fremtiden. Jeg skriver om computerspil, subkulturelle tendenser og elektronisk musik i Weekendavisen, Jyllands-Posten og Berlingske. Tidligere nattelivs- og teaterredaktør på AOK/Berlingske og chefredaktør på kulturmagasinet Citadel. Hop til min (helt) danske side her: christinamajcher.com


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