How to be a Raver: The Sunglasses Special

So, we have established that ravers are always right and thus probably the most highly evolved species on this planet (along with dolphins, the ravers of the sea).

If we, the ravers, were only completely in charge, the future would be so bright. So magnificently bright that we would have to wear sunglasses to stare straight at it.

So that’s what we will do today. Slow down, chill out, put on the shades and enjoy this selection of sun-soaked raver snapshots from all over the world, from China to Turmbühne.

Lewis and Wilcks are hit by the bright smiles of the ladiiiieeeees and take cover behind their cool shades. Piles of fun at Distortion 2010.
I have never, not once, managed to take a photo of Jacob Phono where he doesn’t look like a complete superstar. He could pick his nose in one and still look cool. Some people have just got that je ne sais quoi. Backstage’y vibes at Elektronisk Karneval, 2010!
Sensible Svingsen wears sunglasses AND applies sunscreen to the head of Tom Collins. Roskilde Festival, 2006.
Rare footage! Mariii caught on my mobile camera that was accidentally filming. We have just arrived at the Distortion street party, Nørrebro edition, 2010.
Check out the dangerous look of Sim’s sunglasses. We are somewhere in Beijing, 2004.
Chriszka approves of Sune’s mirrored sunglasses on the Turmbühne floor, one marvelous afternoon at Fusion, 2007. Has there ever been an afternoon at Fusion that wasn’t marvelous? Well – this one was PARTICULARLY good.
Fred Alert wears his shades well at Orientkaj – Din Ven I Solen. A spontaneous visit that turned out to be longer than expected and a very good idea.
Probably the coolest sunshade photo in this selection. Worn by Jkamata, stylish as always.
Two oldskool junglists cover their eyes and soak up the magic at the Kukulcán Temple, the cosmic pyramid at Chichen Itza. Praise to the feathered serpent,  the god of rain, wind, storms, and life! And definitely jungle.

Notice how the extra large diva sunglasses makes Anna look extremely elegant, even in a dusty hotdog moment at Roskilde 2010.
Meters and meters above everyone else, Frede towers with sunglasses and wine – on a wonderful afternoon at Kaj Din Ven I Solen.
Despite their hyper-fit jungle legs, Chriszka and Svingsen are completely exhausted behind their weird sunglasses after a steep climb on the Great Wall of China. 2004.

Holger plots world domination or just chills out completely behind his shades at Roskilde Festival 2006.
Michael wears ultra black eye-catching ‘anything-can-happen-behind-these-shades’ sunglasses during the morning party vibes at the Distortion Ø Final Party – 2022. A most excellent morning that never ended and continued to surprise everyone. At least the ones who had the endurance to find the secret but not so secret official afterparty….
Here we are, sunglasses everywhere, at an absolutely awesome daytime party at Hangaren just after (most of the) lockdowns were lifted in Denmark. The daytime parties were the ONLY good thing to come out of those lockdowns. What happened to daytime parties?! I WANT THEM BACK!
A wonderfully sunglass-y moment at Turmbühne, on another one of those magical and colorful afternoons at Fusion Festival.

Click here for the complete collection of #JUngLEkalenderen entries, ever – both from past seasons and present.


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