Pointing out the similarities between games and raves at Pumpehuset in Copenhagen, June 2014.

Talk: How computer games make you better at living
Computer games are highly motivational and can improve your problem solving skills and your ability to navigate in 3D environments, but they can also give you surprising, inspiring and useful answers to life’s bigger questions, such as “What’s the meaning of everything?” In this talk Christina Majcher will show you how computer games can make you better at living, both on the practical and the spiritual level – and she will make sure that you leave with some of your assumptions about the digital world turned upside down. Info and booking at | +45 40 40 49 18

Talk: The only woman in the room
The majority of people working in the games industry are men, and this is often presented as a problem. But is it really? Using her own experiences from working many years as a games journalist, Christina Majcher sheds light on both the advantages and drawbacks of being the only woman in the room, including how being ‘different’ is an absolutely must when it comes to creativity and why it’s a really, really bad idea to adopt the role of the victim. A much needed input to the us-against-them rhetorics of the feminism debate. Info and booking at | +45 40 40 49 18

Talk: Ten surprising similarities between the gaming industry and the techno underground.
What are the similarities between raver and gamer culture? Which lessons could they learn from each other? And what does that tell us about the world today? Join Christina Majcher on this very revealing and highly personal tour-de-force through the surprising similarities between two digital “youth cultures” and their move from experimental underground in the 80’s to global dominion, colourful diversity and mainstream attention. Info og booking: | + 45 40 40 49 18

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Do you want to know more about the magic of the Oculus Rift? Do you want to know which games you should play if you want to cry, have your mind blown or just scream at your phone? Get in touch! I do talks and consultant work on these and related subjects:

– virtual reality
– tendencies in gaming

– the wonders of electronic music
– subcultures and how they escape the mass media
– games, gender and game journalism
– motivational apps and procrastination traps
– the spirituality of computer games – how computer games make you better at living
– gamification in all its shapes and forms

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