Blasts from the Past: Distorted Afternoons

You might remember the collection of blasts from the past on day 6 of JUngLEkalenderen, focusing on the┬áPirate Party Pack boat party on the 4th of June 2006 – Blasts from┬áthe Past: Pirate Party Pack. This all took place during the 2006 edition of the Distortion festival. Which means that that weekend was (not surprisingly) […]

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Jungle Feelings: The Love and Kisses Special Round III

As pointed out in The 7 Best Things about being a Raver, there’s a whole lot of hugging and kissing going amongst junglists and kindred spirits. This is closely connected with the Endless Enthusiasm superpower, which grants you direct access to all your warmest feelings and propels you into one Magic Raver Hug after another. […]

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Jungle Feelings: The Weird Faces Special Part II

Vanity (or pride, if you want) is one of the 7 deadly sins, as anyone who has seen David Fincher’s “Se7en” from 1995 might remember. If not, it’s worth a rewatch. Or read Dante’s The Divine Comedy for more gory details on the deepest level of Purgatory. Yes, I am totally picking up from the […]

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