Ravers Are the Experts: We Love Machines

Ravers love machines, more than most people, and we are really, really good at it. We are probably the best on the planet at loving machines, because we get such incredible amounts of fun out of them. You could argue that gamers are just as good as ravers at having fun with machines. I have […]

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How to be a Raver: Food of the Gods

Some people think that ravers don’t eat, but this is obviously one of many misconceptions about the rave scene. It goes without saying that to dance for eight hours straight, you need proper fuel for the body. After a series of unlikely coincidences, an international crew of junglists and psytrancers meet up for dinner at […]

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The playful festival of the future

Not many years ago, the ideas spawning at a festival like Boom, which is held every second year under the scorching sun in Portugal, would be too hippie-esque for the mainstream audience. Not so much anymore, where everything is about sustainaiblity, ecology, leave-no-trace and maker culture. Big commercial festivals like Roskilde Festival look to Boom […]

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