How to be a Raver: Food of the Gods

Some people think that ravers don’t eat, but this is obviously one of many misconceptions about the rave scene. It goes without saying that to dance for eight hours straight, you need proper fuel for the body. After a series of unlikely coincidences, an international crew of junglists and psytrancers meet up for dinner at […]

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Blasts from the Past: Forbidden Pleasures

Oooooh, do you remember those joyous days of the past, where you could go to paradise regularly and have the time of your life (guaranteed) with 70.000 other people? Crazy stuff happened back then, you wouldn’t believe… Sometimes people drank from the same bottle. Aaaaaah, the good ol’ days where people just pressed their faces […]

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The best festival in the world

I went to Fusion Festival for the first time in 2007 – and I have been attending every Fusion Festival since then with undiminished enthusiasm. For many years, I didn’t even consider writing an article about the festival. It was too special, too ‘secret’. But as the years went by and the festival just kept […]

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