Present Time: All Jungle

If you are reading this, there’s a good chance that you are thinking one of these two things:

1) Oh my god, who are all these people having so much fun in all the pictures? Are they real? Can I meet them?


2) Oh my god, I miss the good old jungle days where the music was better, the mixing was more interesting and the record bags were heavy… Will things ever be that awesome again? *sigh*

Well, rejoice and be merry, because the answer to those questions are

1) Yes, they are real. And yes, you can.

2) Long for the glorious junglistic past no more, because it is all about to be resurrected in the real world – for one, magnificent evening of bliss. And you can be part of it.

Time for a present!

all jungle all massive
On February 6th 2016, exactly two months from now, you and me and everyone can experience one night dedicated PURELY to jungle from back in the day. 6 hours of real, undiluted jungle, with no compromises. 6 hours of time travelling back to what the sound and the vibe was like from ’93 til ’95. And a bit onwards.

The event is called ALL JUNGLE and takes place at Spillestedet Loppen in Copenhagen.

The dj line-up is a powerhouse of some of the very best junglistic dj’s from Copenhagen – most of whom were already dj’ing at the parties in the mid-90s and have been some of the driving forces behind the entire scene since the early years.


There are very very few pictures from those very early years, because noone had digital cameras, but I do have a small, treasured selection.

And LOTS and LOTS of the people from the picture collections of JUngLEkalenderen will be there that night, on the dancefloor and behind the decks.

How do you know this? – you might ask.

I know this, because nights dedicated PURELY to jungle and nothing but jungle are SO UNBELIEVABLY RARE here ind Denmark that everyone who loves jungle will have to show up, unless they are in an actual coma, stuck in Guatemala or giving birth that very night.

wrong way

Wait a minute, you might say. Things are different now. Tens of thousands of people can hear drum’n’bass on Orange Scene, the biggest stage at Roskilde Festivalen now. Drum’n’bass is popular. Is that not enough?


And yes, you can go to Fabric in London every single weekend and listen to drum’n’bass too, if you want. But that’s not the same either.

We want jungle. We want amen. We want complicated drum patterns. That’s why Mariii the Jungle Monster and Chriszka the Time Traveller had to travel to London specifically for the Ribena Jungle party, which is series of small, obsessive parties dedicated solely to PROPER high quality jungle. The Ribena Jungle events sell out in minutes every time.  Yes, even in London, a city 0verflowing with every single sub-genre of music you can think of, PURE oldskool jungle parties is a precious thing (you can read about it in How to be a Junglist: Going to London).


ALL JUNGLE: The line-up
But February 6th 2016 you can soothe your jungle longings right here in Copenhagen. With these top junglists behind the decks:

3 jungle 4 6 jan feb 95

The legendary dj Nis who did all the jungle parties at Operaen and Den Grå Hal in Christiania in the mid-90’s, when noone else had a clue, still. I would probably have moved back to London in ’95 if it hadn’t been for Nis and his Jungle Fever parties.

90 jungle bells 16dec2005

The one and only DJ Drop, the man behind all the DNBZone parties (at Nadsat and Culture Box) and possibly one of the friendliest jungle dj’s in the world. He started playing jungle in Ålborg 15 years ago. 15 years of experience makes him the n00biest junglist in the lineup. Amazingly enough. Thanks to Miss Popo for the pic.


DJ Repulse aka Benjah has been playing jungle continuously since 1993.  The ragga force is strong with this one. Photo taken at Loppen by Mathias Vejerslev:

ok preston

OK Preston, sending us that charming smile from below the hair kiss, caught on a mega old scan from a private party. Apart from playing jungle back in the day, he also made (and makes) a lot of awesome jungle flyer graphics. Now producing bass stuff with Okay Funky.

crs operaen mariii

The one like CRS! Apart from producing and dj’ing, CRS hosts the weekly radio show Random Friday on the internet radio station BassJunkees. This is the earliest photo of CRS I have ever seen. It’s from Operaen in the 90s and thus very rare. Thanks to Mariii for supplying.

vitus crate digging

Vitus (to the right) started dj’ing in the 90s at the Jungle Fever parties and Christiania Radio. He was also one of the very first to bring a proper camera to the parties and has shot some legendary photo series. (Link at the bottom of the post). Here, he’s crate digging with Drop in Soho, London.


nufie rumnbass030306img_9235

And last but certainly not least: Nufound aka Nufie, who has spent his Endless Junglistic Enthusiasm Superpower to make the ALL JUNGLE event happen. No, he is not just a pretty face starring in the dancefloor pictures of JUngLEkalenderen.  No Nufie, No All Jungle. Maximum big ups, Nufie.

The ALL JUNGLE party will be VINYLS ONLY – of course. So lots of heavy record bags in the house. And there will be smoke machines and lots of army deco. And all your favourite tracks from back then will be played. And Mugge will be going out for the first time in 10 years. A real time machine experience for sure.

Check out and join the event on facebook: ALL JUNGLE.

If you want to see Vitus’ photo series from the Hype party at Stengade in 2005, they’re right here, from last year’s JUngLEkalender: Dancefloors, moshpits and junglistic crowdsurfing.

Did you miss a day of JUngLEkalenderen? Go here –> for the complete collection of #JUngLEkalenderen, both past and present.

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