Blasts from the Past: The Private Parties

Maybe our meals were less elaborate, our wines were cheaper  and our jobs weren’t as international, but we sure knew how to throw a private party back in the day.

Today we’re travelling back to the time before the digital cameras with a bunch of SUPER RARE scans from a private party at The Jungle Hut. This is February 8th, in the innocent year of 2002.


Junglists hanging out in the kitchen.


Junglists arriving. Svingsen has just left those boxes where they are in the flat and get on with the party, like a real raver.


As you can see, any self-respecting private party back then had a complete dj-setup with decks for vinyls. Casparados gets ready for action.


Svingsen makes sure Nis gets in the party mode with some magic potion. Speakers and lights are in place.


The magic potion starts working, and Nis gets behind the decks to play some jungle tunes.


And people on the dancefloor go crazy.


When you have 176 guests joining your private party in a two room Jungle Hut on Frederiksberg, you squeeze together in the hallway and use your acquired space for magic potion handouts.


The magic potion has turned Svingsen into a princess.


“Princess, baaaaaa. This magic potion will turn me into a jungle warrior”.


One of the many effects of all the magic potions flying about is that Swedish trance pixies magically appear on the floor, spreading vibes. WHAT? Trancers and junglists mixed. Oh yes oh yes. They have many reasons to. We will get back to this exciting and colourful subject one of the following days. You ain’t seen nothing yet.


“Let’s see what happens!”


Magnus pretends to be dj’ing in front of the Tresor poster, techno style.


Chriszka the Time Traveller has to figure out what to do about the time portal appearing in the floor of the hallway.


Oh well. Never mind that. Magic potions.


“The time portal is your responsibility”. Chriszka the Time Traveller patiently waits for the Forget Everything magic potion to do its job on Stine’s brains, so that she will never remember having seen the time portal at all.


And once again, everything worked out juuuuuust fine.


Massive thanks to the Jungle Hut Princess for the collection.

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For the complete collection of #JUngLEkalenderen, both past and present, go here: JungLEkalenderen.


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