The Birthday Bash III: “Raving is like deep meditation”

Time-travellers, tune in, and buckle up your seat belts once more – it’s time for the BIRTHDAY BASH ROUND III – The Up Close and Personal Edition.It’s the birthday of Chriszka the Time Traveller, and that means that extra potent portals and loop-holes in time will be manifesting everywhere. So kick away your chronologies and […]

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The 7 best things about being a raver

You think ravers are hedonistic nitwits, stuck in the 90s and refusing to grow up? Oh no no no, that’s all wrong. Ravers a superhumans, optimized for the demands of modern life and the difficult tasks of the future. Here are the 7 best things about being a raver: Let’s move on to best thing […]

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“Dancing is a very important ritual”

Son Kite releases their 4th album “Prisma” today on the Danish label Iboga Records. I interviewed the Swedish duo a couple of weeks ago, and it was a hugely inspiring experience. It is quite rare for me to meet people who take the transformational potential of the dancefloor and the healing properties of proper raving […]

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