Blasts from the Past: Birthday Bash Edition

Buckle your seat belts, some more time travelling coming up. It’s the Birthday Bash Special. Huge jumps will occur. One Dogme rule (apart from jungle, of course): Every single photo is from December 3rd.

birthday 1998

My birthday bash anno 1998. Notice the Dimensions poster, the center piece of my living room at the time. A massive party weekend at Den Grå Hal, Christiania, april 1996. Rotundum on the Friday, Jungle Fever on the Saturday. The note in my diary about that weekend says “FOR VILDT!” But that’s another story.

birthday 98 2

Awww. Look at that.

birthday 98 3

Gløgg in the cups. And yes, I went all in with the techno posters in that flat.

Chriszkas 32 Birthday Bash 115

Time jumping. December 3rd 2005. The first Birthday Bash at Nadsat.

Chriszkas 32 Birthday Bash 112

While the awesome suede catsuit diverts your attention, I am investigating a time portal that has suddenly appeared in the floor.

Chriszkas 32 Birthday Bash 058

Vitus on the decks. Oldskool.

Chriszkas 32 Birthday Bash 023

Chriszkas 32 Birthday Bash 050

Junglettes looking well-behaved and totally succeeding.

Chriszkas 32 Birthday Bash 089

Mika showing everyone how it’s done.

Chriszkas 32 Birthday Bash 033

Chriszkas 32 Birthday Bash 043
Chriszkas 32 Birthday Bash 095

nufounds 011

Dj Caspar. This set was so good, I made an enthusiastic note of it the day after in my 2005 calendar. The calender has limited space, so very few dj-sets make it in there, even really good ones; I mean, think of the volume of it otherwise. So this set was, no doubt, straight up awesome. Photo courtesy of Nufound; my camera had stopped circulating by then.

Chriszkas 32 Birthday Bash 088

Happy jungle arms expressing themselves.

Chriszkas 32 Birthday Bash 151

Dj Drop discovers that the time portal is still open.

Chriszkas 32 Birthday Bash 021

Chriszkas 32 Birthday Bash 149

CRS sporting one version of those signature Krueger stripes. Darkside patterns.


December 3rd 2009. After a very intense round of Chriszka’s Birthday Bash at Culture Box. Alive, barely. So much dancing, no time for photos, apparently.

2010, november og december fra iPhone 266 2

December 3rd, 2010. Enter the smartphone and my two year non stop Hipstamatic phase! Charging the batteries for another Birthday Bash at Culture Box. 20 minutes to go.

2010, november og december fra iPhone 267

Arrival. Tim Driver dj’ing at the Birthday Bash. Culture Box, the basement, 2010.

2010, november og december fra iPhone 269

Classic Hipstamatic cut. I sort of like it.

2010, november og december fra iPhone 270

And that was that. Time to chill.

December 3rd, 2014! Portal functioning. Time for some more jungle bubbles, then.

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