When a violent car game is more moving than the movie

mad max 1

I found the Mad Max game a whole lot more moving than Mad Max: Fury Road.

Frankly because I found Fury Road to be tacky and dreadfully boring, like a movie that really wanted to be a bad-ass death metal band but was ultimately a lot more like the Finnish joke of a band Lordi that won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006.

And what Fury Road completely lacked – the necessary melancholy and sadness of a post-apocalyptic setting – the game manages to convey. Primarily through the landscapes and the religiously car-obsessed mechanic Chumbucket, whom I found to be quite a moving character.

I have written about all this in my review in Jyllands-Posten today: Brutalt action-orgie i ørkenen.

mad max 2

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