Why is 10000000 so extremely addictive?

Lots of wise things could be said about the reasons why ambitious and reasonable people let themselves get seducted by the chemical rewards of the dopamine rushes that flood your brain when you allow yourself to get hooked on a casual game on the mobile phone.

Here is a first class example: The game 10000000.

Actually I should warn you: Do NOT download this on your smartphone. Or maybe I should just go ahead and recommend it with the reckless enthusiasm that I feel, arms waving above my head, like a cast away on dopamine island. Just know this: I CAN’T STOP PLAYING IT!


The title of the game is 10000000 (ten million), and the idea is simple, but the pace of the game is hectic: Match three (or more) blocks of the same kind while your little hero sprints through a dungeon on the top of the screen. His way is constantly blocked by monsters (from ninjas to dragons), locked doors and treasure chests filled with gold, and your job is to match three keys, three magic wands or three swords JUST when he needs them. And that’s when things get hectic…

I have written a blog post about this in Danish. Read it right here: Hvorfor er 10000000 så ekstremt vanedannende?

Or read a shorter version on the website Elektronista: Tør du downloade 10000000?

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