Breaking glass has never felt so good

I don’t normally scream at my phone. Really, I don’t. But this game has me screaming at my phone. It’s so incredibly awesome. Play it.


This game falls into the category of Humongous Time Sucks. I mean this in an absolutely positive way, of course. You just have to keep playing and playing and playing. Breaking glass has never felt so good. Or so real.

While flying through landscapes at an increasing speed, you have to break a lot of glass with a limited amount of bullets. You can literally feel the impact when you miss a shot, hit a glass pane and loose some of your precious ammo. Oh, and the ecstatic sound of glass pyramids splintering in a thousand pieces, earning you extra marbles for more flying and more glass breaking.

I have written about it (in Danish) on here:
Aldrig har det været sjovere at smadre glas på mobiltelefonen

Now, let’s listen to some David Bowie. This would be an appropriate soundtrack:

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