This VR game is a cosmic experience

lands end 1 pink

This (below) is what the Land’s End area in San Francisco actually looks like (when you stand on halfway down the stairs, with a iPhone):

lands end 1Yes,

I know, it looks like a magical adventure puzzle, like Myst.

But Land’s End is also the name of a virtual reality game made by the magnificent studio UsTwo Games – the people behind the bestselling mobile puzzle hit Monument Valley.

lands end 2I don’t often use the term “cosmic” when writing about computer games, but its a fitting term in Land’s End’s case.

When I finished playing I wanted to share the experience with other people immediately after because it was such a moving and beautiful experience.

I have never tried a game that gave me such a feeling of controlling my movements  with my own brain, like I had telekinetic superpowers (and the ability to fly).  Well done, UsTwo.

I have written about the experience in Jyllands-Posten:

Google translate the review here: Magic VR game lets you fly like in a dream

lands end pink

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