Cloud Chamber is released on Steam today


The online multiplayer mystery Cloud Chamber was released on Steam today. Here is my review of the first online release on the Danish website Ekko: Review of Cloud Chamber (in Danish).

Is it possible to tell a story by combining the biggest cosmic mysteries with the mechanisms from facebook? The online mystery Cloud Chamber tries to do just that, and the result is engrossing.

Isn’t it odd that aliens haven’t contacted us yet, considering that there are more than 200 billion stars in our galaxy alone, and thus lots of possibility (one would assume) for intelligent life?

There are a lot of interesting explanations for that paradox. And I get to know a lot of those on my way through the Danish online mystery Cloud Chamber, released on October 4th.

One of the more amusing theories is that any civilisation out there sophisticated enough to be able to contact us has probably invented media formats so immensely entertaining and absorbing that they can’t be bothered to travel into space. They are simply too busy having fun online.

Quite an interesting theory, considering that I am doing just that: I am staying indoors, working my way through Cloud Chamber, letting myself get absorbed in discussions about quantum foam and conspiracy theories with a bunch of strangers on the Internet – instead of going out on a Friday night!

My attention is hooked by the mystery in some very efficient ways. I will return to the most effective way of them all a bit later.

Full review in English coming up.

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