Which one of my hand-painted yoga mats is perfect for you?

3 måtter 3

Finally a group photo! – of my three hand-painted yoga mats.

They are all available in my shop at chriszka.myshopify.com. Feel free to reach out with any questions – here, or on christina@majcher.dk. Residents of Copenhagen? Place your orders by email!

Which one is for you? Here are some keywords:

To the right: Endless Summer 🔥
Fire, enthusiasm, new ideas, peak performance and endless youth. For the easily distracted, the ones who get 17 new ideas while still in yoga class and need reminders on focus, balance and patience. And reminders, that big improvements start with very small changes. It took me 75 hours to do the drawing, so the pattern itself serves as a reminder (and it works!). This is the mat I have used the most, by far. Drawn completely by hand with pencil and ink. More info and close-up photos of Endless Summer.

In the middle: Backgammon for Aliens ⚡️🔹
This was the first one. Air, space, aliens, brainwaves! 
For those who want to enter the cosmic machinery and make their moves on the game board behind the visible world. For the playful lovers of technology. For those who want to turn their yoga practice into a party game: Twister! For those who love buttons, keyboards and deep thoughts but need a break from the screens. This is the one I have done the biggest amount of headstands on. Painted by hand with acrylics on canvas. More info and close-up photos of Backgammon for Aliens.

To the left: Island of the Gods. 🌊
The newest one! For the hot yoga and hot climate enthusiasts: The hotter it gets, the better the grip. For those, who want to turn their yoga mat into a cosmic surfboard of light and balance. For those who rediscover their equilibrium in the waves of both sound and water. For the musicians, the sound healers and those of us who needs a temple, a totem pole or a trip to the tropics. For the travellers! (But be aware that this mat is the heaviest of the three: It has a natural rubber base and weighs 3,5 kilos). And for reestablishing the connection to the earth. This mat is inspired by my visit to Bali,  and all the fractal-like patterns on the island: the rice fields, the temples, the portals, the sound-healing pyramids, the surfboards, the waves and the electric sunsets. Painted by hand with acrylics on canvas. More info and close-up photos of Island of the Gods.

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