My newest painting: WipeOut, a portal for your wall

Do you want a canvas art print of my latest work for your wall?

The video below features me and the art print on canvas of my newest painting, WipeOut, on a wooden frame, ready for your wall. 60 cm x 60 cm x 1 cm. For sale!

WipeOut is your very own meditation portal on the wall: Hypnotic and meditative.

WipeOut took me 57 hours to paint (acrylic on canvas), with 51427 small decisions along the way (a huge puzzle!) It’s inspired by light machines, moving techno visuals, the amazing powers of our brains and playing WipEout in virtual reality with my nephew and niece.

The art print is signed and numbered on the back of the canvas.

You can also buy it as an art print on paper (instead of on framed canvas) at a reduced price.

Link to my shopify page with more info:

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