Super rare photos: Blasts from the Past

Jungle pics from back when digital cameras and smartphones hadn’t entered the dance floors yet. These are digital scans from my not so digital photo album.

1 jungle 4 6 jan feb 95 operaen

Jungle Fever IV, January 1995, at Operaen, Christiania, Copenhagen. I love the boxed water in Rune’s hand. And the whistle enthusiasm. And the moves.

2 jungle 4 6 jan feb 95 (2)

And 2000F’s hair.

3 jungle 4 6 jan feb 95

And the determined focus of the one like dj NIS. I spot a Moving Shadow vinyl on the decks. This was probably my last photo of the night then, straight back onto the dancefloor. Jungle Fever IV, January ’95.The fungus-like stuff in the right corner is not some kind of Body Snatchers attack, it’s the good old ARMY NET DECO.

Whaaaaaaaat! Only 3!

Yes, you pixel-sucking digital vampires, I know we are all used to 35 photos at the very least from every single party these days (and that’s just from ONE phone) but this is the oldskool days. Enjoy the rarities.

While the search for more treasures continue… *scanner humming*

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