The 7 most romantic jungle tunes ever

Okay, it’s december. It’s time to get cosy and nostalgic. Let’s oomph the romance.

jungle avatar

Obviously, this is not tackiness from Avatar, but a super cool luminous cave that exists in a jungle somewhere for real.

When it comes to jungle I am most definitely on a darkside tip. Which means I am not much of a lover of piano stabs and cartoon-y voices and certainly not r’n’b samples. But I have the softest spot for every tune on this list. Despite of the copious amount of I want you’s and I need you’s and mousey voices and pianos and r’n’b samples in there.

So let’s get feel-y sing-a-long-y hands-in-the-air-y. Jungle style.

88.3 featuring Lisa May – Wishing on a Star

The list just has to start with this über-classic of sing-a-long jungle romance. And out the window goes all my darkside attitudes. I am all twinkly-eyed Disney.

Jonny L – I Want You

It’s the drums! Okay, so the “I want you want you want want you . I want you want you want want you, I’m feeling lonely! Satisfaction that’s when I’m with you” and-so-on lyrics certainly do their bit, but those drums are the perfect expression of REALLY REALLY REALLY wanting and missing someone. Blood boiling.

Jonny L – I’m Leavin

Jonny L, the master of romantic jungle tunes. As pointed out by the guy who uploaded this to youtube, the real heart trembling action starts at 1.33. Drums! THOSE DRUMS!

Foul Play – Being With You

Oh, those hauntingly romantic crickets at 2:05! To hell with them at 2.28! Mary J. Blige not entering until 3.55. If you want more of her voice, though, check out this excellent remix. Gets the balance right, too. Lots of delicate sound wizardry, like butterflies in your stomach.

Omni Trio – Thru the Vibe

Got your heart broken? Might as well smash it up completely with unbearably mournful music until you get better. Oh, man, this is a sad tune. That piano at 1:25 just breaks my heart. Hands in the air.

Bukem – Atlantis (I Need You)

More I need you’s and I want you’s.

M Beat – Sweet Love

As you can probably gather, I prefer the wistful tunes of yearning and longing, but this classic belongs on the list, too. A tiny wee bit tacky, yes. But hey. It will always be this wayyyyyy.

Right! Go out and lose yourselves in some proper hugs. And some stuff that makes your blood boil for real.

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