Jungle Confessions: “I get goosebumps on my legs thinking about that party!”

Today is dedicated to a Q&A with the one and only Nis, a completely unique character and friend who was an absolute jungle first mover in Copenhagen with his legendary jungle parties at Operaen and The Grey Hall in the 90s. If it hadn’t been for Nis and his early Jungle Fever parties I would […]

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The Jungle Diaries: Longing for the Tribe

Yesterday, in the sadness collection, I wrote about all the bruises you get from time travelling and remembering. Let me elaborate on that. I have spent a substantial part of my life trying to write down e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g that I felt and did and experienced and loved and got excited about etc. etc. This is, of […]

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Super rare photos: Blasts from the Past

Jungle pics from back when digital cameras and smartphones hadn’t entered the dance floors yet. These are digital scans from my not so digital photo album. Whaaaaaaaat! Only 3! Yes, you pixel-sucking digital vampires, I know we are all used to 35 photos at the very least from every single party these days (and that’s […]

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