The DIY Test: Is Your Child a Junglist?

I like bright and happy things. But when it comes to jungle, I am drawn to the dark sounds, like a hypnotized Duracell rabbit. Today it’s time to explore the darkside tunes. I have made a list of 8 essential ones here. But first: Why do I like them so much? Reason number 1 First […]

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Super rare photos: Blasts from the Past

Jungle pics from back when digital cameras and smartphones hadn’t entered the dance floors yet. These are digital scans from my not so digital photo album. Whaaaaaaaat! Only 3! Yes, you pixel-sucking digital vampires, I know we are all used to 35 photos at the very least from every single party these days (and that’s […]

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The 7 most romantic jungle tunes ever

Okay, it’s december. It’s time to get cosy and nostalgic. Let’s oomph the romance. When it comes to jungle I am most definitely on a darkside tip. Which means I am not much of a lover of piano stabs and cartoon-y voices and certainly not r’n’b samples. But I have the softest spot for every […]

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