Culture Box turns 9. Time flies. The techno beat goes on.

gaffa cb nyhedSo much has happened on the electronic music scene of Copenhagen since Culture Box opened its doors for the first time – 9 years ago. Many more electronic dance floors have been added to the nightlife cityscape since then – and in the midst of all that, Culture Box is still doin’ its thing – very much in the same way. Steady. Stubborn. Cool. Quality-minded.

The nine years are celebrated on Friday and Saturday. Here’s my Gaffa list of the other goings-on in the city this weekend – including Superhoe, Chainsaw Eaters, Kill J and a love boost in Christiania: Her er weekendens bedste fester.

How to become a rockstar in 60 days

What does the guitar game Rocksmith 2014 have in common with GTA V, the most hyped title of the year? And can a zombie teach you to play the guitar? I went to London to test the new Rocksmith game in the Gibson Guitar Studios and wrote an article for Gaffa: Riffs og rampelys: Fra Rocksmith til Rockstar


What would Oscar Wilde do? Go out, of course.

The electronic musician Daedelus describes himself as a “full-time musician, part-time dandy” and, always dressing up for his live shows, personifies Oscar Wilde’s bon-mot that every person should strive to be a piece of art – or dress like one. This article on Gaffa – Energisk enmandsshow – is about why it’s a good idea to go and hear him play at Pumpehuset. Why? Because Oscar Wilde says so:

“But we never get back our youth… The pulse of joy that beats in us at twenty becomes sluggish. Our limbs fail, our senses rot. We degenerate into hideous puppets, haunted by the memory of the passions of which we were too much afraid, and the exquisite temptations that we had not the courage to yield to.”



Show me your joystick


What transports you most effectively into the game universe: the ergonomically designed super joypad with twenty buttons? The invisible technology of Kinect? Or IS it the oldskool Slik Stik from the 80s that DESTROYED your arms?

Grab a copy of this months Ekko Magazine. I have written an essay about my personal travels through the landscapes of the controller.

The article is print only. Here is the overview of the magazine this month: Ekko nr. 62

Music geeks with wings


I attended this year’s Red Bull Music Academy in New York. An awesome week. This year’s Danish participiant was the young jazz musician August Rosenbaum. I wrote this article for the music magazine Gaffa on Red Bull Music Academy’s involvement with musicians worldwide – and how they have turned themselves into a seal of approval: Musiknørder med vinger.

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The superhero with the pacemaker

Oh yeah.

Stan Lee, the creator of Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk, turns 90 – shortly after getting a pacemaker. Stan Lee has assured his fans worldwide that he has had an electronic device implanted to make sure that he can live another 90 years.

I wrote an article on about the humurous guy: Superhelten med pacemakeren.

The playful festival of the future


Not many years ago, the ideas spawning at a festival like Boom, which is held every second year under the scorching sun in Portugal, would be too hippie-esque for the mainstream audience. Not so much anymore, where everything is about sustainaiblity, ecology, leave-no-trace and maker culture. Big commercial festivals like Roskilde Festival look to Boom for inspiration.

I wrote an article about the otherworldly time-distorting scorcher of a festival. It starts out like this:
“Scorpions. I don’t ususally think about those creatures on my way to a festival. But I do on my way to Boom. Scorpions and heat”. You can read the entire article in Danish published on here:Prisbelønnet økofestival i Portugal. ““The grandest hippie dreams of a new and more harmonic life on planet earth didn’t die out with the 60s. They are alive and well on the festival Boom in Portugal“.

Playfulness abound. You could watch this guy for hours:


More playfulness and so much room. How about a kaleidoscopic adventure inside af big fish?


The star dj, the turntablist and the mobile dj

I could have interviewed these guys for hours. Three very different dj’s saying some really interesting stuff about their work, their skills and their very different focus – from three very different corners of the dj culture.

Article on Stjerne-dj’en, hiphop-dj’en og røvballe-dj’en.

How long will you survive when the zombies arrive?

Someone has made an app that will predict exactly how long you will survive if when your own hood is attacked by zombies. Using google maps. So it’s REAL. It’s pretty crude, graphically, but the idea rocks, of course. I have written an article on Zombie Outbreak Simulator on – you can read it right here.