How (and why) Thor became a woman

When I think of Thor, the God of Thunder, the first mental image I get is the one below, from Peter Madsen’s fabulous Valhalla cartoons from the 80s:

thor og fenris valhalla 2004

So when I heard the story about Marvel Comics recasting their superhero Thor as a woman (in October 2014), I got curious.

I hadn’t read the comics yet, but I knew the Marvel version of Thor (or at least the mainstreamy ready-for-cinema-version) from the Avengers movies. What would happen to THAT version of Thor, I wondered. How would Thor become a woman? And why? And why did this new female Thor out-sell the old one?

I asked some very knowledgable superhero researchers (and self-proclaimed comic-book supergeeks) and got some really interesting answers.

You can read the article here: Hvorfor den nye Thor er en kvinde.
In Danish. Or have some awesome fun with Google Translate.

Bonus inside: I also spoke with David Brevik, creator of Diablo I and II, about Marvel Heroes 2015. So go, google translate, go.

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