The star dj, the turntablist and the mobile dj

I could have interviewed these guys for hours. Three very different dj’s saying some really interesting stuff about their work, their skills and their very different focus – from three very different corners of the dj culture.

Article on Stjerne-dj’en, hiphop-dj’en og røvballe-dj’en.

How long will you survive when the zombies arrive?

Someone has made an app that will predict exactly how long you will survive if when your own hood is attacked by zombies. Using google maps. So it’s REAL. It’s pretty crude, graphically, but the idea rocks, of course. I have written an article on Zombie Outbreak Simulator on – you can read it right here.

Nordic Game: Denmark wins with Axe in Face and Limbo


Axe in Face! Such a slammer of a game title. Such a a fun game. And a winner! At this year’s Nordic Game, Denmark won Best Nordic Game (with Limbo) and Best Nordic Handheld Game (with Axe in Face). I have written an article on this year’s award show and spoken with the 25-year-old developer of Axe in Face: Nordens bedste spil er dansk.

What is a pixel crush?

shun yakuza

I wrote an article in the newspaper Berlingske about pixel crushes, digital charm and virtual love after realizing that I completely lost interest in playing Yakuza 4 when the extremely hot and interesting Shun wasn’t the main character anymore (as he was through the first part of the game).

You can read the article – “Your dream guy is digital” – in Danish here: Din drømmemand er digital