Jungle Feelings: The Love and Kisses Special Round III

As pointed out in The 7 Best Things about being a Raver, there’s a whole lot of hugging and kissing going amongst junglists and kindred spirits.

This is closely connected with the Endless Enthusiasm superpower, which grants you direct access to all your warmest feelings and propels you into one Magic Raver Hug after another.

Also, lots of people struggle with what to do with themselves when someone puts a camera in their face, and a kiss can be a quick solution.

So there’s no way around it. We have to have another round of pics dedicated to Jungle Feelings: Love and Kisses.


This is actually a beach party, although it looks a bit like the car deck of a ferry.

2006-06-04 06.17.31

A mellow confetti moment at the morning-sun-on-a-boat afterparty of the Distortion Final Party ’06.


The magic works in the rain, too. Post-hail storm moment at Stella Polaris.

frederiksberg love an kisses

Super duper mega old scan from a private party in the Frederiksberg Jungle Hut.

2004-04-06 13.17.33

Sometimes a kiss is just not enough. Svingsen eats Chriszka the Time Traveller’s arm on the train from Shanghai to Xhengxhou. Also: We couldn’t read the menu because it was all in Chinese, so the food vibe was already experimental.


Lewis thinks there’s too much love in the air.


Sims and Chriszka the Time Traveller team up to protect the Fragile Love Balloon.


A porcelain skin kiss at Culture Box’s 5 year birthday celebration, 2008.

myspace ibiza

Yes, good vibes and Magic Raver Hugs everywhere, but stay vigilant, junglists. The Pandemonium theme lurks out from this innocent t-shirt. On the sunny surface of things, this is Ibiza 2006.

2006-07-22 17.32.57

Speaking of sunny, here’s a sunglass kiss by the Garden Party People.

roskilde fra svngsenIMG_3119

Okay, so that arm was tasty, apparently. Roskilde Festival, 2006.


Another super rare scan from that Private Party at the Jungle Hut.


Svingsen sneaks in for a hair kiss.

2006-10-28 01.49.17

A well-executed group hug including a slight diabolical twist by Mika. And that’s not the only totally Pandemonium thing about this pic: It’s the Burn party 2006. Burn, geddit?

If you want to escape the slighly sinister vibe in the last pic, jump to the original Jungle Feelings: Love and Kisses Special for some instant relief.

Did you miss the David Attenborough-style look at junglists out in the open yesterday? Check out Blasts from the Past: Garden Party People.

Go here for the complete collection of #JUngLEkalenderen, both past and present.

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