Blasts from the Past: Temper D

Let’s do a classic jump with the good old time machine. It’s the 14th, so we’re going to the 14th of February 2005: The DNBZone party with Temper D at Culture Box.


It all starts out innocently enough.


…with the classic supply of magic potions, to keep the Jungle Monster calm.


Dj Nis brought his own magic potion.


And people start joining the warm-up session.


Tons of badly blitzed photos are taken.


– because this is what it looks like with no blitz on a pre-historic digital camera.


The Jungle Monster lurks behind you, like the devil.



No, seriously, time to leave.


Success, finally. Off we go.


Chriszka the Time Traveller can’t control her enthusiasm, as per ususal.


The days of actually carrying vinyls to the party instead of a USB stick.

people cycle everywhere even to go clubbing

This picture of Drop and CRS is from Temper D’s own website. Underneath, he has written: “People cycle everywhere! – Even to go clubbing!”


Arrival at Culture Box, and what you thought were just the innocent faces of your friendly junglistic welcome committee is really the gateway straight back to Pandemonium. Watch how the eternal fires from the deepest circle of hell burn like a dark promise in their eyes. Watch how they brand you with that machine. It means you can never leave.


Aaaaand the party begins – while the Evil Blitz sucks any kind of soul out of the photos.


Asger does a tourist pose to please The Evil Blitz.


Meanwhile, in a scary club in Gadzhievo, Murmansk. No, wait, there’s Sofus the Amazing Shapeshifter and Advokatorex, doing a magic dance. We’re still in Copenhagen.


Is that Sherm? Is that a rucksack on the dancefloor?


Temper D in the house.


An easy to be happy moment. Will seriously bad photos like these, taken with the first generation of small digital cameras, begin to look cool one day? And if so: What will the filter be called on Instagram?


Zombie moves on the dancefloor.


Temper D playing vinyls, vinyls and vinyls. ❤


That was a good set!


Isti and Miss Popo appreciate the bass.


Sims photobombs skillfully.


Aaah, colours. My eyes need a serious break.


That was better.

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