Blasts from the Past: The 4Ward Show

Day 4, and the time travelling can only go to one place: The 4Ward Show 2004!

What’s that? – you say? More time travelling magic?

Yes. At that time, I was editor in chief at the magazine Citadel, in which we wrote about all the coolest stuff happening in Copenhagen, and once a year we did an award show with a twist:

We didn’t hand out prizes to people who had done something brilliant in the past year. Instead, we handed out prizes to people we believed would do something brilliant the NEXT year. An award show looking into the future. Hence, the name: 4Ward Show. Tadaaaa.

For a time traveller like me, this kind of award show makes all kinds of sense, obviously. And everything turned junglistic very quickly, of course.

Let’s take a look at the past looking at the future! This is The 4Ward Show, January 10th, 2004.

jpgbooty cologne tue track

On stage, amongst many many other things, we had Tue Track playing with Booty Cologne. Because of course! Like all of the people on stage that night, Tue Track is still all kinds of awesome today.

christina og meyer 2

We also had Claus Meyer on stage talking about the ideas behind the very newly opened and very interesting restaurant Noma. We all know what happened later on with THAT place.


And we had the one and only Jean von Baden aka HappySpaceBoy on stage talking about his wild and wicked glitter-confetti-infused visions of the future of the Copenhagen nightlife. Maximum <3, Jean. Golden energy.


And we had men in underwear on stage, because we can.


And the Missekat who made the underwear, posing with the girlz. (The observant reader will notice that this lady was the one wearing the suede catsuit to divert your attention while an accidental time portal opened up in the floor in Blasts from the Past: Birthday Bash Edition. Coincidence? You know they don’t exist.

lækker lytter

And there was a Lækker Lytter vibe in the hallway. (For extra points: Find Nufie).


Eske and Eising looking pleased with the situation, Citadel styleeee.


And THEN – we had a soundclash between Ohoi! and Universal Sound System on stage. Because, you know, educating the un-initiated parts of the audience in sonic warfare is very important. Look how important it is to Kristobal (furthest to the left), for instance.


Here’s Universal Sound System, trying to kill Ohoi!


And back to Ohoi!, trying to kill Universal Sound System. Tim Driver feels the bass here (or takes a tiny nap).


Aaaaand back to Universal Sound System, clearly emitting a winning attitude.


And THEN, things got REALLY junglistic. Because after the 4Ward Show on stage, we had a massive afterparty. And upstairs, we had an entire room dedicated to jungle. Of course! Which is what I’m telling the audience right here. Jungle, that way.

And then we went upstairs and had a junglistic blast! With horns and everything. Thanks to for the pic.

Obviously it got totally packed, because jungle is where the party is. Also, respect to anyone wearing knitted hats in this heat. And dreads.

You can see right here how hot it is.

And Kristobal is clearly doing something completely amazing right here. EVERYONE is checking it out.

That’s it from the 4Wardshow 2004, people. See you tomorrow.

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