The Birthday Bash Special – the X-panded Mix

Yup, there’s no way around it. It’s the Birthday Bash Special – the X-panded Mix. Same rule as last year: Only photos from December 3rd allowed. Year is irrelevant.

Chriszkas 32 Birthday Bash 096

Obviously we have to kick off a Birthday Bash selection with bubbles. This is Chriszka’s Birthday Bash at Nadsat.

Chriszkas 32 Birthday Bash 154

More bubbles. Svingsen is sporting the Jungle Movers Inc. t-shirt. Eske is checking out the ladiez.

Chriszkas 32 Birthday Bash 017

This is quite an important moment, because this is where I receive the awesome Birthday Bash present: My very first own digital camera. Look how happy I am. Creating photos for future JUngLEkalender projects just became 100 times easier – in this very moment.

Chriszkas 32 Birthday Bash 101

Speaking of old technology: One day this phone will look even more odd than it does to us now.

Chriszkas 32 Birthday Bash 020

Posing at the bar. Not something junglists usually spend a lot of time doing.

Chriszkas 32 Birthday Bash 094

The one and only Lucy Love has arrived, wearing a camo hat, jungle style.

Chriszkas 32 Birthday Bash 057

The well-behaved I’m not scary at all-look. A slight tinge of Jungle Monster hides deep in the eyes.

2008 dec3

Let’s do a CRAZY JUMP to a completely different year, because that’s what we do in JUngLEkalenderen. This is a Birthday Bash at Bryggen, either very early or very late. Chriszka and Lewis looking remarkably well-behaved. One of those cd’s in my hands is definitely jungle of some kind.

Chriszkas 32 Birthday Bash 117

Back at Nadsat. No Birthday Bashes without a ton of hugging.

Chriszkas 32 Birthday Bash 121

When the bubbles start to work. And some weird kind of light magic starts to appear on people’s bodies.


Another crazy time jump! Another Birthday Bash! Junglists love music, so these dear friends did an inhouse concert. Lots of singing, lots of Bowie, with a dash of deep melancholy from John Grant, if I remember correctly.

Chriszkas 32 Birthday Bash 062

Back at Nadsat. Playing about with the new digital camera. Nufie has never seen anything like it. Check out the BUNKR party poster.

2010, november og december fra iPhone 256

Another maaaad time jump! This is the Birthday Bash where I got my actual glow-in-the-dark Time Portal. Yup, this is not a toy, Elisabeth knows that. Svingsen clearly feels the opportunities of its dark magic, though. But it’s MIIIIINE.

2010, november og december fra iPhone 257

Even though it’s MIIIINE, people can have a look at it, sure. I’m not Gollum crazy here. Here’s the one and only Blaagaard, checking out its aesthetic qualities.

2010, november og december fra iPhone 254

The new generation loves my magic time portal, too.

2010, november og december fra iPhone 259

Yes, everyone loves the time portal. This is Mariiii and my brother at the pre-dinner before we continue the junglistic festivities at Culture Box.

Chriszkas 32 Birthday Bash 054

And a sweet kiss goodbye from the Birthday Bash at Nadsat. A good place to wrap this up. Because:

–> I highly recommend that you jump back and take a look at the Blasts from the Past: Birthday Bash Special from last year. There’s some very important info in those pics about a time portal suddenly appearing in the floor. This info will come in handy for you tomorrow. Just saying. Without revealing to much.

For the complete collection of #JUngLEkalenderen, both past and present, go here: The entire JungLEkalender.

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